Roster Dance | FCD & NTXSC

This is the complete list of every player on the FC Dallas and North Texas Soccer Club rosters as well as every name connected or linked to the teams.

Side Note: Origin of the “Roster Dance” name – The Hamster Dance.


FC Dallas now has 10 international slots in 2021 after trading Michael Barrios and getting one more. Bressan getting a green card frees up a slot.

FC Dallas Roster Dance 2021

MLS rosters hold up to 30 players. Players 1 to 20 are on the Senior Roster and have to fit in the salary cap. MLS teams may carry as few as 18 players on this senior roster if they wish.

Senior Roster

18 to 20 players.
[Age during the majority of 2021 season, Birthday month]

* Note on the ages listed: What I was doing wasn’t working and too confusing, so I’m changing them to age at the start of the season which is April 1st give or take. I’ll leave the birth month with their age.

1Bryan AcostaDP, Int 127 (Nov)Honduran. MF. Under contract through 2021?
2BressanInt 2 for now28 (Jan)Brazilian. CB. Option declined, negotiating. Signed 1-year deal, options for ’22 and ’23. Green card soon.
3Jesus FerreiraHG20 (Dec)F/M. US Int. Under contract through 2023, no options.
4Matt Hedges31 (April)GOAT CB. Under contract through 2022 with 2 options to 2024.
5Ryan Hollingshead30 (April)LB. And everywhere else. Under contract through 2021 with 2022 option.
6Franco JaraDP, Int 332 (July)Argentine F. Under contract through 2022.
7José Antonio MartínezInt 427 (Feb)27, Spanish, left CB. Contract through 2023 with club options for the ’24 & ’25
8Jimmy Maurer32 (Oct)GK. 2021 option picked up. He deserves a raise, whatever he’s being paid.
9Phelipe MegiolaroInt 5
21 (Feb)GK, Gremio loan was reportedly extended. Original $2.5 mil buy option, is FCD negotiating a lower fee? Young DP?
10Jáder ObrianInt 625 (May)Colombian right wing. Contract through ’23, club options ’24 & ’25.
11Paxton PomykalHG21 (Dec)M/W. Under contract through 2023 with 2024 option.
12Andres RicaurteInt 729 (Oct)An 8 more than a 10. Colombian. Loan through 2021 with an option to buy.
13Szabolcs SchönInt 8
20 (Sept)LW from MTK Budapest. 3 year deal, options ’24 & ’25. Won’t arrive until July. Young DP?
14Dante SealyHG17 (April)US F/W. Under contract two more seasons plus options.
15Freddy Vargas
Int 9
22 (April)Left wing or attacking mid. Former Venezuelan U20 on loan from Deportivo Lara. Young DP?
16Kyle Zobeck30 (Feb)GK. 2021 Option picked up.
17Open SpotSpot for Brandon Servania if returns?
18Open Spot
19Open Spot
20Open Spot


Along with Redžić, these two players from North Texas SC have been pretty much exclusively training with FC Dallas this spring.

1Collin SmithF/W being tried at right back. Academy U19, he’s currently 17 yo.
2Derek WaldeckLB with NTX but a natural 6. Loads of soccer smarts less athletic. Standford player.

Off-Budget Roster (10 players) – No salary cap hit.

The OBR can include HGs with salaries up to $125k more than the Supplemental spots.
[Again, Age during the majority of 2021 season, Birthday month]

Supplemental – roster spots 21 to 24
$81,375 salary and/or Generation adidas.

21Edwin CerrilloHG20 (Oct)6. Emergency 8 or CB. Contract through 2021 + 2 options?
22Johnny NelsonGA22 (July)Left back. Probably 1 more year plus options. GA should last through 2022 unless he hits PT threshold.
23Ricardo PepiHG18 (Jan)F/W. Probably 1 more year on his contract plus standard 2 options.
24Ema TwumasiGreen Card23 (May)M/F. Option picked up, one more option for 2022.

Reserve – roster spots 25 to 28
$63,547 salary in 2020, age 24 and under only.

25Nkosi Tafari24 (Mar)CB more left than right. 2021 Option picked up.
26Kalil ElMedkharHG21 (Aug)Left wing. US/Syria. Two-year contract w/ options for the 2023, 2024 and 2025 season.
27Nicky Hernandez22 (Sept)Two-year contract with 3 options through 2025. Putting him on the senior roster until we learn differently but he could fit on the supplemental roster.
28Thomas RobertsHG19 (May)10/8. Under contract. 1 more year + 2 options for ’22 & ’23.

Homegrown Reserves – roster spots 29 and 30
Same as Reserve Roster but homegrown only.

29Eddie MunjomaHG22 (July)RB/BB. Under contract through 2022 with 3 club options.
30Tanner TessmannHG19 (Sept)Linking-8 or 6. Under contract through 2022 with 2 options.


Players not listed on the active FC Dallas roster.

Beni RedžićHG18 (Sept)LW. Two year deal, options for ’23, ’24, & ’25. USYNT B&H U18. Bosnian passport.

FC Dallas Outbound Loans

Players who are under contract to FCD but are on loan. The club get’s roster relief but not salary cap relief.

1Justin CheBayern MunichAs reported by us, and others, a 6-month loan with a buy option. CB/RB. A “protect the investment signing.” Under contract through 2023 with a club option for 2024.
2Brandon ServaniaSKN St. PöltenYes. Linking 8. Can 6. 2021 Option picked up. One more option for 2022.

North Texas SC Roster Dance 2021

Now for the FCD’s USL-1 feeder team which has much looser roster rules.

Players Under Direct NTX Contract

[Age at the start of the season, April 1 for the purpose of this post]

1Alejandro19 (Feb)Alejandro Santana Viniegra, F/W, Cruzeiro.
2Imanol Almaguer20 (Sept)Outside back or 6/8.
2Alisson21 (Dec)Brazil, d-mid, CB. Sau Paulo. AKA Alisson dos Santos
4Hope Kodzo Avayevu18 (Oct)Creative midfielder. FCD/NTX had to wait for him to turn 18 so he could sign. 3+2 contract is impressive for this kind of signing.
5Alex Bruce22 (Oct)F/W. Played at Texans SC under Quill.
6Caiser Gomes21 (Apr)CB on loan from FC Alverca. From Guinea-Bissau.
7Thibaut Jacquel24 (Mar)Campbell F. From Saverne, France, our of the Metz Academy.
8Bernard Kamungo19Open trialist from Abilene High School and Tanzania. Two year deal with 2023 option.
9Kazu21 (Mar)Left back from Coritiba. Brazilian-Japanese. Loan.
10Mikey Maldonado19D from San Antonio. One year deal, 2022 option.
11Juan José Parra19 (May)Colombian CB from DIM. Loan.
12Gibran Rayo19 (Oct)FCD Acad. F, wing, a-mid.
13Colin Shutler22 (Aug)UVA keeper.
14Derek Waldeck23 (Feb)LB or 6. Most improved in 2020.

NTXSC Trialists

Just one left that we’ve spotted in pictures.

1Sebastian Mendez3/6/2001Winger, NTX Rayados and FC Harrington – seen in NTX training pics.
2Lucas RamalhoFrom Clube Nautico’s youth system. Reported via his Instagram.

North Texas SC Outbound Loans

David Rodriguez – Loaned to Atlético San Luis Jan 2021.

Amateur Contract (Potential)

NTX Players who are no longer in the Academy but not signed to a pro-contract so they don’t lose college eligibility. These are the two that seem possible.

  1. Kevin Bonilla – [19, Sept] FCD Academy RB. US U20/U23. Committed to U of Portland.
  2. Michael Collodi – [19, May] Former FCD Acad GK, Colombia U. In Dallas training with NTXSC.

FCD Academy Players for North Texas

I just reset this list to returning Academy players who got minutes in 2020 and players that we’ve heard of training already in context for 2021. Players from the 2020 list who moved off can get back on if we get wind of them again. I expect quite a few will. [Age during the majority of 2020, birth month]

1Antonio Carrera16 (Mar)U17 GK. 6’3″ 2004. Expected to be one of the NTX keepers in 2021.
2Michael Collodi19 (May)GK, Columbia U. Ex-Academy. Doing remote school this spring, expected to return to school in the fall. 6’0″ 2001.
3Grady Easton18 (Sept)Training with FCD & NTX this spring.
4Diego Hernandez16 (Feb)U17 M. First 2005 to play for NTXSC (1 minute of PT).
5Collin Smith17 (Dec)U19 Wing/forward. 2003. 15 games, 7 starts in 2020. Training with FCD & NTX.
6Josh Ramsey18Former Solar and SAFC center back. Former US U19. With FCD US U19s. Training with NTX.
7Riley O’Donnell 18?Former Solar and US Youth Int with the FCD U19s. Training with NTX.

A shortlist of FCD Academy players that might pop up in 2021 as they all trained with NTX over the winter at some point: Matthew Corcoran (’06), Julian Eyestone (’06),  Jose Guitierrez (’04), Jordan Jones (’05), Antony Ramirez (’05), Tarik Scott (05), Ty Reynolds (’04), Kristian Kelley (’06).

The Others List

Waivers, out of contract, cuts, trialists, and links. Anyone connected to FCD or North Texas in 2021.

Thiago SantosSold to Gremio.
Javier “El Falco” Pastore – Linked to Dallas late March 2021. Arg mid.
Gio Montes de Oca – F/M from UNC, drafted in 3rd round, still in school.
Mark Salas – D from UNC, drafted in 3rd round, still in school.
Carlos de Pena – 28 yo LW from Dynamo Kyiv. Linked Feb 2021.
Bryan ReynoldsSigned with AS Roma. Transfer Final.
Radamel FalcaoLinked to FCD Jan 2021.
Michael BarriosTraded to Colorado Rapids 1/13/21.
Franco Cervi – Benfica 26 year old winger. Linked Dec 2020.
Nicolas Benedetti – Club American, 23 yo Colombian mid linked Dec 2020.
Fafa Picaulttraded to Houston Dynamo Dec 2020.
Juan Dinenno – Pumas striker linked to FCD in Dec 2020.
Callum Montgomery – Option declined, traded to Minnesota United.
Francis Atuahene
– FCD contract option declined.
Santiago Mosquera
– FCD contract option declined.
Reto Ziegler – Out of contract end of 2020.
Brecc Evans – NTXSC contract option declined.
Carlos Avilez – NTXSC contract option declined. Signed Tormenta FC.
Ronaldo Damus – Out of contract. Not renewed. Signed Orange County SC.
Pedro Conceição Alves – NTXSC contract option declined.
Philip Ponder
– NTXSC contract option declined.
Luis Zamudio
– NTXSC contract option declined.
Juan Manuel Alvarez
– NTXSC contract option declined.
Arturo Rodriguez – NTXSC contract option declined. Signed Phx Rising.
Pablo Aránguiz  – Transferred to U de Chile.
William Akio – Canadian, F. UT RGV & Calgary Foothills FC (USL-2). NTX Trialist late 2020.
Philip Akem – U19 F/W. West Point commit, I hear. 2020 North Texas trainee.
Bryce Boneau – Norte Dame commit. FCD Premier, former Solar player. Late 2020 NTX training.
Andres Dicun – Former FCD U19 striker, trained with NTX in 2020 after leaving the Academy.
Grady Easton – U19 CB. SMU commit. Made 2 starts at CB in early 2020.
William “Woody” Pondeca – U19 FCD Premier. Late 2020 NTX training.
Eduardo Ruiz – U 19 right back. 2003. 2020 North Texas trainee.
Roman Torres – FCD Premier, 2002. ODP. Late 2020 NTX training.

Andre Zonatta and marco Ferruzzi in Tucson, Arizona, during 2019 FC Dallas spring training. (Buzz Carrick, 3rd Degree)