FC Dallas end of 2023 roster decisions announced

FC Dallas has announced the club’s end of the 2023 season roster moves. The deadline for contract options to be exercised is tomorrow December 1st.

The MLS offseason officially begins on Monday, Dec. 11 with the trade window opening at 9 am. The End-of-Year Waivers process begins on Dec. 12, followed by Free Agency on Dec. 13, and the Re-Entry Process, Stage 1 on Dec. 14.

Contract Options

Option exercised (5): 
Asier Illarramendi
Liam Fraser
Tsiki Ntsabeleng
Sam Junqua
Herbert Endeley

Option declined (3): 
Collin Smith
Facundo Quignón
José Martínez

In Discussions (3): 
Jáder Obrian
Jimmy Maurer
Amet Korça

Ed note: A player listed on “In Discussions” and then not listed on the roster means the club is trying to negotiate a new deal and is almost certainly going to decline their option if no deal is reached.

2024 FC DALLAS ROSTER (as of Nov. 30, 2023)

Antonio Carrera
Maarten Paes

Herbert Endeley
Marco Farfan
Sebastien Ibeagha
Geovane Jesus
Sam Junqua
Nolan Norris
Isaiah Parker
Nkosi Tafari
Ema Twumasi 

Liam Fraser
Asier Illarramendi
Bernard Kamungo
Sebastian Lletget
Tsiki Ntsabeleng
Paxton Pomykal
Alan Velasco

Eugene Ansah
Paul Arriola
Jesús Ferreira
José Mulato
Jesús Jiménez
Tarik Scott
Dante Sealy


  1. There are two moves that worry me from an “ambition” viewpoint.
    1. Ntsabaleng – they’ve chosen to retain a player the coach refused to use in the second half of the season who (most importantly) takes up an international spot that you would otherwise be able to use to bring in a difference making international. He’s on a league minimum salary so this move screams that the Hunts are being cheap – “No ambition”
    2. Endeley over Smith – again they’ve chosen to retain the league minimum salary player over the more expensive Homegrown contract player. But the Homegrown player contract is a more cap friendly contract than even the league minimum contract and gives you greater flexibility with your roster construction (assuming you want to maximize it). So i conclude the Hunts are more interested in saving less than <100K of their own money versus maximizing their team quality. No ambition.

  2. I just realized that talking with Obrian is also another indicator of No Ambition. He also occupies a international slot, so Dallas would be using up another international slot for a non-starter (Jimenez, Obrian, Ntsabaleng, Mulato, Ansah). Using five international slots on reserve players is just stupid.

    1. Well said Jim, I agree with you on all 3 comments. It’s clear they kept some very low budget roster filler guys. The international limit is indeed a problem.
      Like we’ve been saying on the podcast, this is a big test window for Hunt ambition.

  3. Is Tsiki almost eligible for a green card? Wikipedia says he moved here in 2018 so surely he is close. If so, that could be a reason they’re keeping him.

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