Depth Chart | North Texas SC

Here’s our take on the current North Texas Soccer Club Depth Chart. Keep in mind that there will be a bunch of players coming down from FC Dallas to play with North Texas and they would take precedence.

And since numbers matter, I’ve included the natural number designation with each position.

I added in some FC Dallas names. I’m leaving off Academy names until we get a better fix on who’s involved for 2020.

High Striker (9)

Ricardo Pepi (FC Dallas)
Alex Burke
Ronaldo Damus

Left Wing (11)

Andres Engebretsen
Ronaldo Damus

Right Wing (7)

Dante Sealy (FC Dallas)
Gibran Rayo

Attacking Mid (10)

Thomas Roberts (FC Dallas)
David Rodriguez
Oscar Romero
Girban Rayo

Linking Mid (8)

Tanner Tessmann (FC Dallas)
Juan Manuel Alvarez
David Rodriguez
Imanol Almaguer

Holding Mid (6)

Edwin Cerrillo (FC Dallas)
Juan Manuel Alvarez

Left Back (4)

John Nelson (FC Dallas)
Derek Waldeck

Left Center Back (5)

Nkosi Burgess (FC Dallas)
Lamar Batista?

Right Center Back (3)

Lamar Batista?
Philip Ponder

Right Back (2)

Bryan Reynolds (FC Dallas)
Eddie Munjona (FC Dallas)

Goalkeeper (1)

Carlos Avilez
Luis Zamudio