Depth Chart | FC Dallas

Here’s our take on the current FC Dallas Depth Chart.

Coach Luchi Gonzalez likes players who are flexible and can play multiple positions. But for the end of 2020, I’ve cut it back as much as I can to one position per player.

This will be a constant work in progress through the spring and season and this is currently the starting point going into spring camp.

And since numbers matter, I’ve included the natural number designation with each position.

High Striker (9)

Franco Jara
Jesus Ferreira or Ricardo Pepi

Left Wing (11)

Paxton Pomykal?
Freddy Vargas
Kalil ElMedkhar

Right Wing (7)

Jader Obrian
Dante Sealy

Attacking Mid (10)

Andres Ricaurte
Paxton Pomykal?
Thomas Roberts

Linking Mid (8)

Bryan Acosta
Tanner Tessmann
Brandon Servania

Holding Mid (6)

Thiago Santos
Edwin Cerrillo

Left Back (4)

Ryan Hollingshead
Johnny Nelson

Left Center Back (5)

Jose Martinez
Nkosi Burgess

Right Center Back (3)

Matt Hedges
Justin Che

Right Back (2)

Ema Twumasi or Eddie Munjoma

Goalkeeper (1)

Jimmy Maurer
Kyle Zobeck

He Gone (Not Yet Technically)

Bryan Reynolds