Depth Chart | FC Dallas

Here’s our take on the current FC Dallas Depth Chart.

Word around the water cooler is that Coach Nico Estevez preferred a 4-3-3. That assumption mostly comes from his time as Greg Berhalter’s assistant with the USMNT.

This will be a constant work in progress through the spring and season and this is currently the starting point going into spring camp. There are a lot of players on here right now cause of spring camp.

J. Ferreira
F. Jara
A. Velasco
S. Schön
K. ElMedkhar
B. Redžić
P. Arriola
J. Obrian
P. Pomykal
B. Ferri
B. Servania
N. Hernandez
T. Ntsabeleng
F. Quignón
E. Cerrillo
R. Hollingshead
I. Parker
J. Martinez
C. Niece
M. Hedges
N. Tafari
L. Bartlett
E. Twumasi
E. Munjoma
J. Maurer
M. Peas
A. Smir

And since numbers matter, I’ve included the natural number designation with each position.

Striker (9)

Jesus Ferreira
Franco Jara

Left Wing (11)

Alan Velasco or Szabolcs Schön
Kalil ElMedkhar
Beni Redžić

Right Wing (7)

Paul Arriola or Jader Obrian

Linking Mid (8, no 10 in this system)

Paxton Pomykal
Blaine Ferri

Linking Mid (8)

Brandon Servania
Nicky Hernandez
Tsiki Ntsabeleng

Holding Mid (6)

Edwin Cerrillo or Facundo Quignón

Left Back (4)

Ryan Hollingshead
Isiah Parker

Left Center Back (5)

Jose Martinez or Matt Hedges
Chase Niece

Right Center Back (3)

Matt Hedges or Nkosi Tafari
Lucas Bartlett

Right Back (2)

Nanu or Ema Twumasi
Eddie Munjoma

Goalkeeper (1)

Jimmy Maurer or Maarten Peas
Alec Smir

On Loan

Thomas Roberts – SK Austria Klagenfurt
Dante Sealy – PSV
Collin Smith – North Texas
Antonio Carrera – North Texas
Justin Che – Hoffenheim