US Open Cup

This article first appeared as part of the 20th birthday celebration of 3rd Degree in 2017. It was updated with more info with the move to the new site.

FC Dallas lifts the 2016 Lamar Hunt US Open Cup, the 2nd Open Cup win in franchise history. (Matt Visinsky, 3rd Degree)

FC Dallas has almost always taken the US Open Cup very seriously, entering the completion in every year of the club’s existence. The tournament was renamed the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup in 1999 and since the Hunts took over the Dallas Burn in 2003 they have placed even more value on winning it.

To continue our 20 Years features celebrating the 20th Birthday of 3rd Degree last fall, we now take a look at the history of FC Dallas in the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup.  Dallas has reached the Semifinals of the Open Cup nine times, tied for the third-most in the history of the tournament (source TheCup.US).


Four of the ten teams in MLS entered the tournament, beginning play at the Quarterfinal stage. A 5th team ended up participating, as the Colorado Rapids replaced the Colorado Foxes due to schedule conflicts.

Quarters: Seattle Sounders (A-League) 2 – Dallas Burn 3
Cotton Bowl. Attendance: 1,305. Lawrence Lozzano 58′, Gerell Elliott 70′, and Ted Eck 79′ score for the Dallas Burn in the franchise’s first-ever US Open Cup game.  Making Lawrence Lozzan the answer to an obscure trivia question.

Semis: DC United 2 – Dallas Burn 0
Cotton Bowl. Attendance: 1,958. Jamie Moreno with the brace (12′, 82′) for the best team in MLS that year.


The Dallas Burn win the US Open Cup to bring home the first major silverware in club history. Every game of the ’97 Cup was on the road for Dallas. 8 MLS teams entered in the 3rd Round.

The Dallas Burn lift the Dewar Cup after winning the 1997 US Open Cup in Indianapolis, Indiana, the first trophy in franchise history.

3rd Round: Dallas Burn 3 – New Orleans Riverboat Gamblers (A-League) 0
Zephyr Field, Metairie, LA. Attendance: 6,269. Jason Kreis 39′, Mark Santel 70′, and Gerell Elliott 74′ score for Dallas. Garth Lagerwey recorded six saves. Jason Kreis gets a red card in the 89th minute. Future Burn coach Mike Jeffries coached the Gamblers. NORG had a partnership with the Burn as their farm team like OKC Energy does now. Gabriel Gentile (ex-Burn), Mickey Trotman (future Burn, RIP), and Stern John (future Crew) played for NOLA.

Quarters: Dallas Burn 4 – Chicago Stingers 1 (USISL D3)
Forest View Park, Arlington Heights, IL. Attendance: 3,810. Chicago Stingers of the USISL D3 Pro League beat Colorado Rapids in the previous round. Damian 41′, Dante Washington 43′, Ted Eck 69′, and Jorge Flores 84′ scored for Dallas.

Semis: Dallas Burn 2 – MetroStars 1
Baker Field, New York City. Attendance: 1,201. Damian 17′ opens the scoring for Dallas. Jorge Flores 103′ golden goal winner in OT. Branco scored for Metro. Dallas got rough, committed 20 fouls, and drew 4 Yellow cards.

Finals: DC United 0 – Dallas Burn 0. Dallas wins in Pks 5-3
Carroll Stadium at IUPUI in Indianapolis. Attendance: 9,776.

The First Trophy | The story of the 1997 LHUSOC Champion Dallas Burn

For winning the Open Cup the Burn received the Dewer Cup trophy, $100,000, and the right to represent the USA in the next year’s CONCACAF Cup (which I can find no record of them participating in).

RSL Insider: Kreis, Lagerwey, Cassar Open Cup champions with Atlanta’s Brian Haynes


8 MLS teams entered in the 3rd Round.

3rd Round: Orange County Zodiac (A-League) 0 – Dallas Burn 4
Old Panther Stadium in Duncanville. Attendance: 6,04. A Zodiac own goal starts the scoring. Ryan Suarez 50′, Jason Kreis 57′, and Juan Sastoque 78′ complete the scoreline.

Quarters: Nashville Metros (A-League) 1 – Dallas Burn 5
Cotton Bowl. Attendance: 3,812. A Dante Washington brace (9′, 53′) and goals from the late Mickey Trotman 48′, Temoc Suarez 78′, and Richard Farrer 81′.

The Nashville Metros circa 1998.

Semis: Dallas Burn 2 – Chicago Fire 3
Zephyr Field, Metairie, LA. Attendance: 6,514. Part of the early rivalry with Chicago Fire prior to the official founding of the Brimstone Cup. A combined 45 fouls, 6 cautions, and 3 ejections. Jason Kreis was ejected for a foul from behind. Chicago played the final 19 minutes down a man after Diego Gutierrez and Kosecki received second-half red cards.  Mickey Trotman 23′ and Leonel Álvarez 83′ (PK) score for Dallas. Ante Razov 11′, Roman Kosecki 56′, and Lubos Kubik 74′ score for Chicago.


The year the tourney was renamed for Lamar Hunt and won by Rochester Rhinos of the A-League. Rhinos are the only non-division one team to win the Open Cup title since the inception of Major League Soccer. 8 MLS teams enter in the 3rd Round.

The Lamar Hunt US Open Cup logo. (US Soccer)

3rd round: Jacksonville Cyclones (A-League) 0 – Dallas Burn 3
Old Panther Field, Duncanville, TX. Attendance: 347. Bobby Rhine with the 1st half hat trick (17′, 35′, 43′). Jason Kreis was suspended due to his red card the previous year. Dallas plays a 3-5-2 with rookies Paul Broome and Bobby Rhine as forwards. In my game report I wrote, “When [Oscar] Pareja went out at the 55′ mark for [Ted] Eck, the Burn became very ordinary.”

Quarters: Dallas Burn 1 – Rochester Rhinos (A-League) 2. OT
Frontier Field in NY. Attendance: 10,730. Michael Kirmse, a 73rd-minute sub, scored the “golden goal” winner in 110th. Jason Kreis scored the Burn’s lone goal in the 85th minute.  Afterward, Jason Kreis wasn’t too happy with Frontier Field saying “when they play on a real field, they’re going to get their butts beat.”


12 MLS teams enter in the 2nd Round. I don’t remember this but according to all the box scores the 2000 US Open Cup featured two center referees on all the games are part of a FIFA experiment.

2nd Round: Tennessee Rhythm (A-League) 0 – Dallas Burn 3
Cotton Bowl. Attendance: 477. Chad Deering with a brace (27′, 75′) and Lazo Alavanja 72′ ads one for Dallas. Kevin Terry and Alex Prus both ran the middle as referees.  The Tennessee Rhythm is actually the same club as Nashville Metros, they used the Rhythm mane in 1999 and 2000 due to a financial reorganization.

3rd Round: Dallas Burn 2 – Minnesota Thunder (A-League) 0
National Sports Center, Blaine, Minnesota. Attendance: 3,110. Minnesota played most of the game down a man after Morgan Zeba got a red card in 23′. Jason Kreis 36′ and Lazo Alavanja 88′ score for Dallas. Referees Terry Vaughn and Sia Rahimi in the middle.

Quarters: Dallas Burn 1 – Chicago Fire 5  
Cardinal Stadium, Naperville. Attendance: 7,096. Josh Wolf with 4 goals for Chicago (2′, 47′, 72′, 87′). Dema Kovalenko 9′ also scored. Chad Deering with the 82nd-minute consolation goal. Eric Dade got a red card in the 75th minute. Referees Terry Vaughn and Roger Still in the middle. Each team made 4 subs, which I also forgot was a thing.

Dallas Head Coach Dave Dir on the game: “A lot of bad things happened tonight with our team. I don’t have an answer to a particular thing. We didn’t adjust well to the pace of the game. It seemed like every pass we were making was 20 yards short because of the thickness of the field. We were simply embarrassed. And then [Chicago] went out of its way to embarrass us some more at the end. It was one of those games where it was just not our night.”


Dallas suffers one of the most embarrassing losses in franchise history. 12 MLS Teams enter in the 2nd Round.

2nd round: Seattle Sounders Select (PDL) 3 – Dallas Burn 2. OT
Old Panther Field, Duncanville. Attendance: 554. Dallas was one of 1 of 4 MLS teams that got upset in the 2nd round. This game is otherwise known as the Billy Sleeth game. Sleeth almost singlehandedly kicked the Burn’s tail. He was so good the Chicago Fire drafted him 10th overall in 2002 (3 seasons in MLS – 48 games).

I wrote in my recap “Sleeth is a better wing player than anyone the Burn have, a combination of size, speed, and skill.  Like a young Chris Klein maybe.” Sleeth had had 2 assists in regulation play then in OT he created the winning play, carrying into the offensive third and making the initial shot. The shot was saved but Seattle picked up the rebound and got the winner. Aleksey Korol 65′ and Ariel Graziani 78′ scored for Dallas.

“Guys who were on the field to get a chance [to play], did nothing,” said Burn Head Coach Mike Jeffries.


8 MLS teams, including Dallas, enter in the 3rd round.

3rd Round: Dallas Burn 2 – Atlanta Silverbacks (A-League) 1. OT
DeKalb Memorial Stadium, Clarkston, Georgia. Antonio ‘Chivas’ Martinez with a brace (82′, 102′). 8 yellow cards in this game, 3 for Dallas.

Atlanta Silverbacks logo. (Atlanta Silverbacks)

Quarters: Colorado Rapids 0 – Dallas Burn 1. OT
Cotton Bowl. Attendance: 1,301. Ronnie O’Brien beats the offside trap and gets the 111′ OT winner. It was hot and humid according to my old game report. “It seemed to be a game that neither team wanted,” said Jeffries. “It was a muggy night and an up and down game. We feel fortunate to come out with the result because it could have gone either way.”

Semis: Dallas Burn 1 – LA Galaxy 4
Titan Stadium, Fullerton, California. Attendance: 3,132. 20 fouls and 4 yellow cards for the Burn who got outplayed pretty much everywhere. Carlos Ruiz 11′, Mauricio Cienfuegos 17′, Cobi Jones 34′, and Simon Elliott 81′ all score for LA. Ronald Cerritos 89′ with the late consolation for Dallas.


10 MLS teams entered, 8 in Round 4 and 2 in Round 3.

4th Round: Dallas Burn 1 – Wilmington Hammerheads 4 (USL Select)
Legion Stadium, Wilmington, North Carolina. Attendance: 3,019. This was another loss to rank up with the worst of the worst in franchise history. USL Select is the old USL Division 2, which made it division 3 in the USA. So the Burn got smashed by a D3 team 4-1. Jeff Johnson 33′, Kevin Nylen 52′, and Glenn Murray twice (69′ 89′) score for the Hammerheads (great name though). Eddie Johnson actually kicked off the rain-soaked night scoring in the 6th minute. It was perhaps not the strongest Burn XI, but this loss was about on par for 2003 and maybe should have warned us how the season would go.


The Burn was 1 of 2 MLS teams to enter in 3rd Round. 8 other MLS teams enter in Round 4.

3rd Round: Virginia Beach Mariners (A-League) 0 – Dallas Burn 2
Old Panther Stadium, Duncanville. Milton Reyes was sent off with a second yellow card in minute 74 but Dallas still won. Tony Nhleko 20′ and Ronnie O’Brien 23′ on the sheet. Ex-Burn striker Dante Washington was playing for the Mariners (another great name).

Virginia Beach Mariners logo. (Virginia Beach Mariners)

4th Round: Colorado Rapids 0 – Dallas Burn 3
Cotton Bowl. Dallas outshoots Colorado 19 to 6. Ronnie O’Brien 60′ and an Eddie Johnson brace (67′, 75′). Nate Borchers of Colorado ejection in the 81st minute.

Quarters: Dallas Burn 0 – Kansas City Wizards 4
Blue Valley Athletic Complex, Overland Park, Kansas. Attendance: 2,143. The Wizards, eventual USOC champs that year, unload in the second half with four goals: Chris Klein 52′, Davy Arnaud Goal 57′, Justin Detter 73′, and Alex Zotinca 88′.


FC Dallas and 3 other MLS teams enter in Round 3, 8 other MLS teams in Round 4. Playing as FC Dallas for the first time. FCD makes a run to the finals, most of it on the road.

3rd Round: Wilmington Hammerheads (USL 2nd Div) 2 – FC Dallas 3. OT
UT-DallasDallas gets a little revenge on the Hammerheads with the overtime win. Abe Thompson 35′, Carey Talley ’98, and Roberto Mina 112′ on the score sheet.

FC Dallas huddles up prior to kickoff against Wilmington Hammerheads in the 2005 US Open Cup played at UT Dallas. (Buzz Carrick, 3rd Degree)

4th Round: FC Dallas 3 – Columbus Crew 1. OT
Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium, Columbus, Ohio. Carey Talley 29′, Abe Thompson 113′, Eddie Johnson 116′. Kyle Martino scored for the Crew in the 36th minute and I’m sure his hair looked fantastic.

Quarters: FC Dallas 1 – DC United 1. FCD wins in Shootout 4-1
Maryland SoccerPlex, Germantown, Maryland. Attendance: 4,258. Carlos Ruiz ties the game up in the 94′ after Christian Gomez 47′ opened the scoring for DC. Abe Thompson with the winning PK after DC goes 1 for 3 from the spot.  Freddy Adu had the only successful PK for United.

Semis: Chicago Fire 0 – FC Dallas 1
Pizza Hut Park (Now Toyota Stadium). Attendance: 7,311. This is the first USOC game played at PHP. Ronnie O’Brien with the only goal in the 20th minute.

Final: FC Dallas 0 – LA Galaxy 1
Home Depot Center; Carson, California. Attendance: 10,000 (capacity). Herculez Gomez scored in the 5th minute. Frustrating night for FC Dallas fans.

FC Dallas’s Alan Gordon attempts a shot on the Los Angeles Galaxy’s defense during the US Open Cup, in the second half at the Home Depot Center, in Carson, Calif., Wednesday, September 28, 2005. The Galaxy won 1-0. John Todd /
HIGHLIGHTS: 2005 U.S. Open Cup Final


The year of the Cinderella run of amateur side Dallas Roma FC of the North Texas Premier Soccer Association (NTPSA). Roma beats Laredo Heat (PDL) in PKs (4-2) before upsetting Miami FC (USL) 1-0 in the second round. Roma’s biggest upset came in the 3rd Round with a 4-2 shootout win over MLS side Chivas USA.

Dallas Roma lines up to take on Miami FC in the US Open Cup at UT Dallas. June 28, 2006. (3rd Degree / Buzz Carrick)

Four MLS teams enter the USOC in the 3rd round, 8 in the 4th Round including FC Dallas.

4th Round: FC Dallas 3 – Charleston Battery (USL) 3. FCD wins shootout 5-3
Blackbaud Stadium, Charleston SC. Attendance: 2,332. Kenny Cooper with a hat trick (45+’, 89′, 120′) in one of the great American soccer venues. FCD makes all 5 PKs (Ronnie O’Brien, Chris Gbandi, Ramón Núñez, Kenny Cooper, and Simo Valakari) to win. FCD ex-midfielder Lazo Alavanja was playing for Charleston.

FC Dallas takes on the Charleston Battery in the US Open Cup. August 2, 2006. Lazo Alavanja sits on the ground after being fouled by Marcelo Saragosa who drew a yellow card. Simo Valakari extends a hand to help Alavanja up. (Erika Knight)

Quarters: FC Dallas 0 – Houston Dynamo 3
Carl Lewis Track & Field Stadium University of Houston. Attendance: 4,000. Eddie Robinson 13′, Alejandro Moreno 57′, and Chris Wondolowski 61′ skunk Dallas.


FC Dallas wins 3 straight OT games on the way to the final, only to lose a US Open Cup Final for the second time, this one at home.
FC Dallas – Road to USOC Finals

The first Open Cup since 2002 that not all Major League Soccer teams automatically qualified. Instead, MLS had 8 teams in the tournament; 6 qualified automatically, while the remaining 6 US-based sides participated in a qualifying playoff for the final two positions.

3rd Round: Atlanta Silverbacks (USL) 1 – FC Dallas 1. FCD wins Shootout 4-3
Pizza Hut Park (aka Toyota Stadium). Attendance: 2,510. Dallas outshoots the Silverbacks 27 to 7, Ryan McIntosh makes 9 saves for ATL. Carlos Ruiz scored for Dallas in the 74th minute. Atlanta fields some ex-FCD players, Justin Moore and Angel Rivillo. Arturo Alvarez scores the game-winning PK in the shootout.

Juan Toja heads towards goal against Atlanta Silverbacks in the 2007 US Open Cup at Pizza Hut Park. July 9, 2007. (3rd Degree / Jason Gulledge)

Quarters: FC Dallas 2 – Charleston Battery (USL) 1. OT
Blackbaud Stadium, Charleston SC. Attendance: 3,262. Dallas fields a pretty strong lineup and again prevails over the Battery. Clarence Goodson 22′ and Arturo Alvarez 95′ score.

Semis: FC Dallas 2 – Seattle Sounders (USL) 1. OT
Qwest Field, Seattle, WA. Attendance: 10,385. The 10k fans were the largest soccer turnout at Qwest since the stadium’s first-ever event back in 2002: Sounders vs Whitecaps (22k+). 0-0 in regulation, Carols Ruiz scored 58 seconds into OT. Abe Thompson converts the game-winning PK in the 119th minute. Noah Merl of Seattle was ejected in the 118th minute.

FC Dallas take on Seattle Sounders Select at Qwest Field in Seattle. (Seattle Sounders)
US Open Cup Highlights – FC Dallas at Seattle

Final: New England Revolution 3 – FC Dallas 2
Pizza Hut Park (Toyota Stadium). Attendance: 10,618. This game still chafes. Kind of a white on white uniform matchup with the Revs in all white and FCD in red/white hoops. Pat Noonan scored the game’s first goal, assisted on Taylor Twellman’s go-ahead goal & Wells Thompson’s game-winning goal. Revs’ first US Open Cup title. Arturo Alvarez 30′ and Abe Thompson 64′ scored for Dallas.
Open Cup Flashback: Twellman, Mariner and Feldman revisit Revs’ 2007 triumph


8 MLS clubs enter in 3rd Round.

3rd round: Miami FC (USL) 1 – FC Dallas 2
Pizza Hut Park. Attendance: 6,559. Abe Thompson with a brace for Dallas. (45+3′ and 90+2′)

Quarters: Charleston Battery (USL) 3 – FC Dallas 1
Pizza Hut Park. Attendance: 5,911. After twice before falling to FCD, the Battery get their revenge. Kenny Cooper scored late for Dallas (94′). Ex-FCD’er Lazo Alavanja scores in the 29th minute and then is ejected in the 80th minute for arguing with an official.


The top 6 teams in the 2008 MLS standings got into the Cup proper. FC Dallas by virtue of their low 2008 MLS finish went into a playoff with the other 8 MLS teams to get the last 2 spots in the 3rd Round.

MLS Qualifying Semis: FC Dallas 0 – DC United 2
RKF Stadium. Attendance: 5,163. Hyndman rested regular starters such as Kenny Cooper, David Ferreira and Dario Sala due to a game at Chivas USA on the weekend. George John was replaced by Aaron Pitchkolan 8 minutes into the game. Kenny Cooper had a PK late, hit it off the post but the rebound came to Cooper who got whistled for an illegal 2nd touch. Fred 21′ and Brandon Barklage 66′ score for DC.


Again in 2010, the best 6 teams from 2009 went into the Cup automatically. The other MLS teams had a qualifier bracket.

Round 1 of MLS Qualification: FC Dallas 2 – DC United 4
RFK Stadium. Attendance: 2,804. Dallas fielded a mostly reserve lineup and paid the price losing to DC United in Open Cup Qualification for the 2nd straight year. 2010 was the year FCD made it to MLS Cup on David Ferreira’s shoulders, so I don’t think they put too much into the USOC. Bruno Guarda and Dax McCarty (PK) scored for Dallas. When Adam Cristman scored in the 4th minute it was DC’s first lead of any game in 2010.


FC Dallas were into the USOC automatically after their 4th place finish in the 2010 combined MLS table. This was the first time geographical pairings started to be used in various phases of the Cup, particularly in qualifying.

3rd Round: Orlando City (USL) 2 – FC Dallas 3
Pizza Hut Park. Attendance: 1,876. Jackson with a goal and an assist, Ricardo Villar with a goal and an assist, and Milton Rodríguez with a goal to knock out USL side (division 3) Orlando City.

FC Dallas Goals vs Orlando City SC

Quarters: Real Salt Lake 0 – FC Dallas 2
Pizza Hut Park. Jair Benítez 18′ and Jackson 54′ score for Dallas.

USOC Quarterfinal Goals – FC Dallas vs Real Salt Lake

Semis: FC Dallas 0 – Seattle Sounders 1
Starfire Sports Complex, Tukwila, Washington. Attendance: 4,593. Not a lot of joy for FC Dallas in this one. 4 yellow cards for FCD and Daniel Hernandez was ejected in the 94+ minute.  This video is a fan POV but it shows the venue at least.

2011 USOC Semi-Final


For the first time, all 32 professional teams from the first 3 tiers of American Soccer were in the Cup. MLS teams enter in 3rd Round.

Unfortunately, this one was a catastrophic disaster for FC Dallas as they crash out at home to a USL PDL team (Division 4).

3rd Round: Charlotte Eagles (PDL) 2 – FC Dallas 0
FC Dallas Stadium. Attendance: 1,702. Zach Loyd and George John both left during the first half with injuries. Jackson with a red card in 78′ for a challenge on keeper Clinton Irwin. 43′ goal by Darryl Roberts and a 90+4′ goal by Nate Thornton for Charlotte.

Charlotte Eagles logo. (Charlotte Eagles)


All 16 MLS teams enter in the 3rd Round.

3rd Round: FC Dallas 2 – Fort Lauderdale Strikers (NASL) 0
Lockhart Stadium. Despite having one of the best kits in US Soccer, the Strikers can’t handle Dallas. Blas Perez 54′ and Matt Hedges 66′ score for Dallas.

4th Round: Houston Dynamo 0 – FC Dallas 3 
FC Dallas Stadium. Attendance: 4006. Kenny Cooper with the brace (37′, 59′) and Zach Loyd 76′ with a goal. Complete game.

12 June 2013 – FC Dallas defender Zach Loyd (#17) takes the ball from Houston Dynamo forward Andrew Driver (#20) during the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup game between FC Dallas and the Houston Dynamo at FC Dallas Stadium in Frisco, Texas. FC Dallas won the game 3-0. (Matt Visinsky, 3rd Degree)
U.S. Open Cup: FC Dallas vs. Houston Dynamo Highlights 6/12/13

Quarters: Portland Timbers 3 – FC Dallas 2 
FC Dallas Stadium. Attendance: 3,889. A tough end of the 2013 Cup run for FC Dallas. Je-Vaughn Watson 14′ and Blas Perez 86′ get on the scoresheet in the loss.  Complete Game.

26 June 2013 – during the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup quarterfinal match between FC Dallas and the Portland Timbers at FC Dallas Stadium in Frisco, Texas. Portland won the game 3-2. (Matt Visinsky, 3rd Degree)
LHUSOC Quarterfinals: FC Dallas vs. Portland Timbers FC Highlights


All 16 MLS teams enter in the 4th round. This is Oscar Pareja’s first season as FCD Head Coach.

4th Round: San Antonio Scorpions (NASL) 0 – FC Dallas 2
Toyota Stadium. Attendance: 2,296. Fabian Castillo 74′ and Andres Escobar 81′ score for Dallas.
LH US OPEN CUP GOALS: FC Dallas vs. San Antonio Scorpions | FCDTV

Side note: The Scorpions won the NASL in 2014 then shut down in favor of the Spurs run San Antonio FC of the USL for the 2015 season after Bexar County bought Toyota Field.

5th Round: FC Dallas 3 – Houston Dynamo 2
BBVA Compass Stadium. Attendance: 2,083. FC Dallas has a lot of fun at their rival’s expense. Fabian Castillo 35′, Andres Escobar 59′, and Tesho Akindele 99′ score.  Complete game on YouTube.

Quarters: FC Dallas 5 – Carolina RailHawks (NASL) 2
WakeMed Soccer Park, Cary NC. Attendance: 4,169. The RailHawks, coached by ex-FC Dallas Head Coach Colin Clarke, can’t handle Blas Parez who scores a hat trick (23′, 34′, 90′). Fabian Castillo adds a goal in the 44th minute as does Mauro Diaz in the 89th minute. The RailHawks have since changed their name to North Carolina FC and are still coached by Colin Clarke. Complete game here.

Postgame Recap: RailHawks 2 – 5 FC Dallas

Semis: Philadelphia Union 1 – FC Dallas 1. Philly wins 4-3 on PKs.
Toyota Stadium. Attendance: 4,326. Fabian Castillo scored in the 81st minute. Blas Pérez and Victor Ulloa miss penalties as FCD losses.  Complete game on YouTube.

U.S. Open Cup Semifinal – GOAL: Fabian Castillo 81′


17 MLS teams enter in 4th Round.

4th Round: OKC Energy FC (USL) 1 – FC Dallas 4
TCU’s Garvey-Rosenthal Soccer Stadium, Fort Worth. Attendance: 1,106. Braces by David Texeria (21′, 51′) and Michael Barrios (34′, 36′) are too much for OKC.


5th Round: FC Dallas 2 – Sporting Kansas City 6
Sporting Park. Attendance: 19,113. In what FCD can only call a catastrophic meltdown, Sporting scores 6 goals on 11 shots. Dom Dwyer scores 4 goals (5′, 30′, 41′ (PK), 69′) and Krisztián Nemeth nets a brace (45+1′, 59′). It was a big night for Dom. The first US Open Cup hat trick in team history, the first hat trick at Sporting Park, and the first 1st-half hat trick in team history. Michael Barrios 62′ and Kellyn Acosta 73′ score for Dallas.  Complete game on YouTube.
GOALS: Sporting KC 6-2 FC Dallas – July 1, 2015


FC Dallas wins it’s second US Open Cup title. All 17 MLS teams enter in the 4th round.

For 2016 the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup got a new logo. (US Open Cup / US Soccer)
Cardiac Kids | The Road to the 2016 Lamar Hunt US Open Cup Final

4th Round: OKC Energy FC (USL) 2 – FC Dallas 2. FCD wins 6-5 in PKs
Westcott Field, SMU. Carlos Lizarazo has a brace (37′ 43′). In the 7th round of PKs, rookie Colin Bonner wins it for FC Dallas. Complete game.

5ht Round: Colorado Rapids 1 – FC Dallas 2.
Toyota StadiumMauro Diaz 64′ and Maxi Urruti 96′ score for Dallas.  Another complete game on YouTube.

LH US OPEN CUP HIGHLIGHTS: FC Dallas vs. Colorado Rapids | FCDTV

Quarters: FC Dallas 1 – Houston Dynamo 0
BBVA Compass Stadium. Attendance: 10,150. Fabian Castillo in the last breath of the match (90+1′) steals the road win… and satisfaction.

Semis: FC Dallas 2 – LA Galaxy 1
StubHub Center. Attendance: 6,120. Dallas outshoots LA 26 to 11 but it’s 0-0 in regulation. Matt Hedges 116′ and Victor Ulloa 120+1′ score in OT to win. FCD draws 5 Yellow cards fighting for the win (Atiba Harris, Victor Ulloa, Maynor Figueroa, Carlos Gruezo, and Michael Barrios).

Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Semifinal: LA Galaxy vs. FC Dallas: Highlights – Aug. 10, 2016

Final: New England Revolution 2 – FC Dallas 4
Toyota Stadium. Attendance: 16,612. Dallas gets revenge for the 2007 USOC Final in a match that was really over by halftime. Maxi Urruti with a brace (15′, 61′), Matt Hedges 40′, and Mauro Diaz 45+7′ (pk) score for Dallas. Diaz assists all three of the other FCD goals. Juan Agudelo brace for the Revs isn’t enough (6′, 73′).

2016 U.S. Open Cup Recap


19 MLS teams enter in the 4th Round.

4th round: Tulsa Roughnecks (USL) 1 – FC Dallas 2
Westcott Field, SMU. FCD with an almost pure reserve lineup baring Hedges and Diaz (who was trying to recover from his Achilles surgery). Cory Craft scores in the 31st minute but the game-winner is a Tulsa own goal. Man, imagine losing a cup game on an own goal.

5th Round: Colorado Rapids 1 – FC Dallas 3. Win 3-1
Toyota Stadium Attendance: 4,131. The Rapids must hate seeing FCD in the Open Cup. Mauro Diaz 45′ (pk), Ryan Hollingshead 57′, and Javier Morales 89′ score for Dallas.

HIGHLIGHTS: FC Dallas 3, Colorado Rapids 1 | 06.27.17

Quarters: FC Dallas 0 – Sporting KC 3
Children’s Mercy Park, Kansas City, Kansas. Attendance: 15,016. Another weird 0-0 regulation game that went nuts in OT. KC played most of the game down a man after a 15′ straight red card to Seth Sinovic for a foul on a Michael Barrios breakaway. Sporting then scores 3 goals in OT. Maxi Urruti got sent off for a 2nd yellow at 101′ when he kicked Ike Opara in the head attempting a bike. FCD went down to nine men when Javier Morales pulled Benny Feilhaber toward the end of the first half of overtime stoppage time.

Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup: Sporting Kansas City vs. FC Dallas: Highlights – July 11, 2017


20 MLS teams enter the 2018 US Open Cup in the Fourth Round.

The 2018 Cup is notable for another deep run by NTX Rayados who make it all the way to the Fourth Round where they are knocked off by Houston Dunamo 5-0 down in Houston.

Fourth Round: FC Dallas 1, San Antonio FC 0
Toyota Field in San Antonio. June 6, 2018. 6,224 are on hand to watch the MLS side walk away with the win. Tesho Akindele scores the lone goal of the game although Omar Gordon gives FCD a fair amount of trouble on the wing.

Round of 16: FC Dallas 2, Sporting KC 3
Children’s Mercy Park. June 16, 2018. Once again FC Dallas is eliminated by KC. Carlos Gruezo opens the score early and Roland Lamah ties it back up at 2 late. Daniel Salloi has a brace along the way. Yohan Croizet grabs the winner in the 89th minute.


21 MLS teams entered into the 2019 US Open Cup in the Fourth Round.

Fourth Round: OKC Energy 0, FC Dallas 4
June 12th, Westcott Field on the campus of SMU FC Dallas once again faced a familiar foe, OKC Energy. Matt Hedges, Michael Barrios, Dom Badji, and Reto Ziegler (PK) all score for FC Dallas. 1,296 is the announced attendance. Notable for the pro debut of 16-year-old Ricardo Pepi who assisted on the Barrios goal.

FC Dallas vs. OKC Energy FC | HIGHLIGHTS – June 12, 2019

Round of 16: New Mexico United 2, FC Dallas 1
June 19th, Westcott Field at SMU. Brandon Servania scores an absolute cracker of a goal but New Mexico works just a little harder and comes away with the win. 1,424 is the announced attendance.

FC Dallas vs. New Mexico United | HIGHLIGHTS – June 19, 2019

2020 and 2021

Due to Covid-19, the US Open Cup was not held in 2020 or 2021.


Third Round: FC Dallas 2, FC Tulsa 1
April 19th, Toyota Stadium in Frisco. Franco Jara with a PK in the 32nd minute. Jader Obrian scores the winner in the 56th. Bradley Bourgeois scored for Tulsa right before the half (42′).

Round of 32: Sporting Kansas City 4, FC Dallas 2
May 10th, Children’s Mery Park, Kansas City, Kansas. Franco Jara opened the scoring in the 8th minute and Eddie Munjoma added one in the 34th to put Dallas up 2-0. But Sporting came storming back with goals at 60′ (Nikola Vujnovic) and 90’+8′ (Marinos Tzionis) to tie it up. Then SKC gets two more in OT for the win, an Edwin Cerrillo own goal (94′) and an insurance goal by Khiry Shelton (113′).


Round of 32: Nashville SC 2, FC Dallas 0
May 10th, Geodis Park, Nashville, TN. Fafa Picault with the “revenge” goal in the 63rd minute. Picault loves scoring against Dallas. Then Alex Muyl closes it out for Nashville in the 76th.


MLS tells US Soccer they want to field Next Pro teams in the Cup. US Soccer says “lol no.”