Depth Chart | North Texas SC

Here’s our take on the current North Texas Soccer Club Depth Chart. This depth chart is always in flux early in the season.

And since numbers matter, I’ve included the natural number designation with each position.

North Texas SC players are listed in black.
FC Dallas players are listed in red.
FCD Academy players are listed in blue.
Amateur Contracts are listed in green.

P. Torre
R. Wittenbrink
H. AvayevuT. Scott
A. Costa
D. Lacy
S. Ferreira
A. Urzua
Carl Sainté 
J. Aguilar
I. ParkerN. Norris
W. Baker
Armet Korca
A. Araneda
C. Smith
Y. Perlaza
H. Endeley
A. Carrera
J. Eyestone

High Striker (9)

Pablo Torre
Ryan Wittenbrink

Left Wing (11)

Hope Avayevu

Right Wing (7)

Tarik Scott
Kameron Lacey

Left Linking mid (8)

Andre Costa
Dylan Lacy

Right Linking Mid (8)

Santiago Ferreira
Ale Urzua

Holding Mid (6)

Carl Sainté 
Jared Aguilar

Left Back (4)

Isiah Parker
Nolan Norris

Left Center Back (5)

Nolan Norris
Will Baker

Right Center Back (3)

Armet Korca
Alejandro “Chile” Araneda

Right Back (2)

Colin Smith
Yeicar Perlaza 
Herbert Endeley

Goalkeeper (1)

Antonio Carrera
Julian Eyestone