MLSPA drops salaries for 2023 including FC Dallas

The time has come for the release of the 2023 MLS Players Association salary list. We’ve pulled out the FC Dallas numbers for you all to see.

They are listed from high to low base compensation. Our comments will come after the list.

PlayerBaseGuaranteed Comp
Jesús Ferreira$1,650,000.00$1,852,000.00
Paul Arriola$1,550,000.00$1,729,400.00
Alan Velasco$1,200,000.00$1,401,000.00
Jesús Jiménez$1,100,000.00$1,219,927.00
Sebastian Lletget *$700,000.00$791,250.00
Facundo Quignón$836,000.00$890,627.00
Paxton Pomykal$800,000.00$908,000.00
José Antonio Martínez$700,000.00$773,000.00
Sebastien Ibeagha$520,000.00$583,625.00
Marco Farfán$425,000.00$457,813.00
Jáder Obrian$382,500.00$467,100.00
Ema Twumasi$320,000.00$339,300.00
Asier Illarramendi *$300,000.00$339,750.00
Jimmy Maurer$300,000.00$317,938.00
Maarten Paes$300,000.00$337,500.00
Geovane Jesus$250,000.00$297,000.00
Dante Sealy$250,000.00$277,301.00
Nkosi Tafari$240,750.00$240,750.00
Edwin Cerrillo$149,500.00$164,500.00
Collin Smith$130,000.00$135,000.00
Justin Che$125,000.00$134,209.00
Antonio Carrera$85,444.00$104,963.00
Sam Junqua$85,444.00$93,777.00
Amet Korca$85,444.00$85,444.00
José Mulato$85,444.00$123,627.00
Tsiki Ntsabeleng$85,444.00$85,444.00
Herbert Endeley$67,360.00$67,360.00
Nolan Norris$67,360.00$86,002.00
Isaiah Parker$67,360.00$77,360.00
Tarik Scott$67,360.00$83,302.00
* updated in September 15th release.

Thoughts and Comments

The Current DPs are Jesus Ferreira, Alan Velasco, and Paul Arriola. FCD has said they can buy down Arriola to non-DP level if necessary.

Paul Arriola‘s number is an eye-opener, his base was $1.1 mil last year and it jumps to $1.5 mil.

Toronto FC is eating some part of Jesús Jiménez‘s $1.1 mil salary in terms of the cap Probably enough to make him not be a DP on the Dallas books.

Nkosi Tafari and Edwin Cerrillo are bargins at $240k and $150k. Tsiki Ntsabeleng perhaps even more so on $85k.

Sebastian Lletget hardly took any cut at all ($75k) to get his extension as he’s almost the same number as 2023.

Paxton Pomykal‘s contract when up by $100k.

Sebastien Ibeagha doubled his base from $225k to $520k to come to FC Dallas. How in the world does he make twice Tafari?

Maarten Paes will need a pay raise if FCD is going to hold onto him.

Sam Junqua‘s $85k base means he’s a supplemental roster player.

Bernard Kaumgo wasn’t listed.


  1. With Maurer leaving this offseason you’d think they could redeploy some of that money to keep Paes happy. On the other hand, is there some European team beating down FCD’s door with a great offer? Paes is under contract for four more years.

    Didn’t like the Lletget extension at the time and I like it even less now. You’re paying a dude who’s about to be 31 WHAT per year through 2025??? They’ve got ~$2 million a year tied up in a pair of starting CMs who don’t score or assist.

    1. I think they will pick up Maurer’s option for next season. THe Paes comment was more about some team coming in to buy him and how you might have to give him a raise to be happy and stay.

      Totally agree on Lletget.

  2. Several comments:
    1. Arriola’s guaranteed compensation makes him ineligible for TAM buydown. That means Dallas can’t bring in another DP.
    2. Way overpay for Ibeagha – my guess is they didn’t read the market right for back up CBs and were forced to overpay to secure one that didn’t require an international slot. I expected about $300K.
    3. Don’t know, but my guess is Dallas only took on Jimenez’s contract to the amount equivalent to Servania’s ($530K) to make it a net neutral transaction – so far not a good one.
    4. I’ll bet Lletget’s bargaining position was boosted by Becky G. Doesn’t look so good now, huh?
    5. Dallas owes $800K in GAM to DC United and NE for Arriola and Lletget which reduces available cap space.
    6. Dallas should get GAM (up to $1.1M) for the Richards sale by Bayern to Crystal Palace. But I don’t know when. And i’m not sure if you can get GAM from multiple transfers of the same player (they got GAM back in 2019 for the original sale).
    7. I bet Mulato is put on the supplemental roster (he’s eligible) and one of Kamungo, Korca or Tsiki are on the senior roster. Their guaranteed salaries are less than Mulato.
    8. My quick spreadsheet tally says Dallas has around $500K of cap room available, assuming Dallas is not getting any Richards GAM money. Enough to get a decent domestic backup but nothing more. I feel they have blown the salary cap game by overpaying for Lletget, Arriola, and Ibeagha.

    1. Good stuff.
      on 1. FCD says they can. *shrug* Although it was take ALOT of it.
      On 8. According to the FCD roster, Mulato is on the senior roster same as Junqua. You might be right that they move Mulato down instead of Junqua. Or maybe both.

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