The 2022-23 FC Dallas Academy U15s

Now we’re down to one of the most important age brackets in the FC Dallas Academy, the U15s.

This is the level where I always feel the most progress is made, where pro tactics and concepts really begin to entrench. The pro mentality begins to show and off-field issues can begin to derail players. It’s where FCD continues to keep the man I think is the best coach in the Academy, Alex Aldaz.

This is when the fun begins.

Our prior 2022-23 roster breakdowns are here: U19s, U17s, and the new U16s.

Matters of Importance

FC Dallas often moves kids up in pretty much any age group. No one is listed as being “up” yet but don’t expect that to last. You can expect to see kids bouncing up to play almost any game. Sometimes, but not always, the number they wear can tell you where the club expects them to play most of the time.

Rosters are fluid down to ECNL too as there are players tagged as DPs that can move between Academy and Premier. I don’t often know which kids are DPs.

I listed these kids on the roster in the order that FCD sent them to me. They aren’t alphabetical nor are they numeric. I have no clue if it means anything. Draw conclusions at your own peril.

This has been an offseason of massive recruiting for FC Dallas. As we go forward in these rosters, you will see the numbers are sometimes surprising.

There are four new players in the U15s.

Notable Absences


Buzz’s Key Returning Players

Call this a watch list, if you want.

  • Andre Saucedo
  • Matthew Razo
  • Zach Molomo
  • Gabriel Rojas

Those four are my top tier but I have a block of four to seven players behind this group that could rise up and put themselves into the pro potential range on my charts. I expect big changes on my charts for this group in the coming year.

2023-24 FC Dallas Academy U15 Roster


Coach: Alex Aldaz

Wearing #s 31 and up… again. This group basically all kept the same numbers cause of the added U16 team above them.

No.NamePos.YearClassNotes & Comments
47Andre Saucedo102008’26The most intriguing player in this group. Playmaker, creator, dynamic game changer. Willing to play some D and steal/turnover. Former Solar player.
39Matthew KentW2008
27Erik RosalesLW2008Interesting left wing “promoted up” from FCDY Central Medina (last year I believe).
37Tadesse HartW2008Former Solar player. A winger who likes to aggressively go at defenders.
45Jaxon MeeseW2008
35Gio ÁlvarezW/M/RB2008I’ve seen him all over the field.
36Matthew Razo62008’26Fantastic holding mid. Dominates the game.
34Kevin RodríguezCB2008Above average center back. He’s got some potential.
51Christian HernándezCB2008“Nano.” New player from Dallas Texans ECNL champs.
44Wyatt EasterlyRB2008An interesting character, really dynamic.
6Zachary Molomo92008’26Often plays up with 2007s, hence the different number. He’s also changed from 9 to 6 I assume to accommodate Chris Salazar (2006) who came from Solar.
33Gavin Vo8/LB2008’26Above avg in multiple positions. He needs to find his spot.
32Gabriel RojasCB/82008The ability to play in MF underlies his qualities for the modern game: touch and passing.
49Bruno Luna2008New player from RSL Arizona.
46Ezequiel de la Cruz2008
38Santiago Rosales-CastilloW2008
43Daniel AguilarCM2008New player from FC Dallas Youth Premier ECNL.
42James Cotton-Betteridge2008New player from FC Dallas Youth Premier ECNL.
30Josué FuentesG2008
31Leo EnríquezG2008
50Eunho Lee2008New player from San Antonio FC.
 Brody GillRB2008Listed without a number but wore #49 last year.

Hit us up if you know anything about these kids we’ve missed.


  1. Ougir Luis Vega Velazquez FC Dallas ECNL 08 can be in that group. He was called to play for PR National Team U14 Challenge Series, middle field as 10

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