The 2022-23 FC Dallas Academy U17s

After the 19s we move on to the FCD Academy U17s. Their season begins on the 17th of September against Louisana TDP Elite.

This side is undergoing a bit of a structural change. the U17s usually span two birth years – this year it would have been 2006 and 2007s – but FCD is starting a U16 side, splitting this group in half. That new U16 side will just be 2007s.

In general terms, some of these 2006s didn’t get as much PT as they could have last year. That’s the biggest reason to add the U16 side, meaning more playing time for kids at this two-class level. FCD will be one of the only MLS sides with a U16 team.

You will notice that this U17 roster has fewer players than some of the others despite the heavy recruiting FCD has done. That’s because we expect the top tier of U16s – the cream of the 2007s – to spend much of their time with this team even though they aren’t listed here now.

Matters of Importance

FC Dallas often moves kids up in pretty much any age group. No one is listed as being “up” yet but don’t expect that to last. You can expect to see kids bouncing up to play almost any game. Sometimes, but not always, the number they wear can tell you where the club expects them to play most of the time.

Rosters are fluid down to ECNL too as there are players tagged as DPs that can move between Academy and Premier. I don’t often know which kids are DPs.

I listed these kids on the roster in the order that FCD sent them to me. They aren’t alphabetical nor are they numeric. I have no clue if it means anything. Draw conclusions at your own peril.

This has been an offseason of massive recruiting for FC Dallas. As we go forward in these rosters, you will see the numbers are sometimes surprising.

The U17s have three new players. That’s a low number but this group has some quality.

Notable Absences

Just one.

  1. Tate Jones – 2006, D. This is a kid I thought had some potential but appears to have quit the game of soccer completely.

Buzz’s Key Returning Players

Call this a watch list, if you want.

  • Kris Kelley
  • Nayrobi Vargas
  • Ale Urzua
  • Jared Salazar
  • Malachi Molina
  • Julian Eyestone

2023-24 FC Dallas Academy U17 Roster

2006s. (In reality, there will be a couple 2007s here pretty close to full-time I think.)

Coach: Matias Asorey

The U17s wear numbers 31 and up.

No.NamePos.YearClassNotes & Comments
41Kristian KelleyW/M2006’24The younger Kelley brother. He’s made some NTX benches.
39Gael Medrano92006New player. Former Philadelphia Union and NYRB. One to watch.
34Nayrobi Vargas92006’24Signed with an agent. Recent Honduras U17 call-up. Big body striker who can dominate games.
38“Flaco” LópezF/M2006Originally from DeKalb IL., joined spring ’22 via FCD El Paso.
37Axel Valdivia92006New player from Mazatlán FC.
55Ale Urzua82006’24Played for NTX and first team training invitee.
30Jared Salazar10/82006’24Former Solar SC, lefty. Playmaker 10-type.
45Mikey MurphyF2006’25Played some RB last year.
43Brian AvilaD2006’24New player. Moving up from FCD Youth Premier ECNL.
49Henry CanizalezLB2006’24Once a player high on my charts, he had a rough 2021-22. Needs to re-establish himself.
54“Toto” BrandonCB2006’24Good athlete, maybe the best pure defender on the team, good leader. Has played some outside back too.
35Luke ShreinerD2006Former Dallas Texans.
31Malachi MolinaW/Back2006’25“Mal.” Wing, outside back. NTX bench and FCD first team training/scrimmage invitee.
36Julian EyestoneG2006’246’6″ and hopefully he’s stopped growing. US U17. He spent most of the summer training with the FCD first team. Big-time prospect.
60Fabián EnríquezG2006’24“Chooks.” 2nd keeper
46Isaac RomeroM2006’25Former Solar SC.
47Aiden BazzellCB2006’24Former Premier player came up a year or so ago.
52Miguel Padilla92006’24High energy, scrappy finisher.
53Owen GallD2006’25Son of U19 Head Coach John Gall.


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