The 2022-23 FC Dallas Academy U14s

As we continue down the ranks, we reach the first team I have yet to scout myself, the U14s. I usually catch a team for the first time when they are U14s at the Dallas Cup in the Spring. That will be in April of next year.

In the meantime, If I have any notes on kids I will add them to the roster.

Our prior 2022-23 roster breakdowns are here: U19sU17s, U16s, and U15s.

Matters of Importance

FC Dallas often moves kids up in pretty much any age group. No one is listed as being “up” yet but don’t expect that to last. You can expect to see kids bouncing up to play almost any game. Sometimes, but not always, the number they wear can tell you where the club expects them to play most of the time.

Rosters are fluid down to ECNL too as there are players tagged as DPs that can move between Academy and Premier. I don’t often know which kids are DPs.

I listed these kids on the roster in the order that FCD sent them to me. They aren’t alphabetical nor are they numeric. I have no clue if it means anything. Draw conclusions at your own peril.

This has been an offseason of massive recruiting for FC Dallas. As we go forward in these rosters, you will see the numbers are sometimes surprising.

If you include the returning player, I have eight new players in this group as FCD continues to recruit heavily this summer.

Notable Absences

Nothing notable but there were about 5 players let go.

Buzz’s Key Returning Players

Call this a watch list, if you want. Reminder, I haven’t scouted this team yet. So this list is based on word of mouth and recommendations.

  • Steel Cook
  • Abren Vega
  • Liam Verjrostek
  • Saul Rios
  • Diego Echevarría

2023-24 FC Dallas Academy U14 Roster


Coaches: Toto Schmugge and Adam Wells are coaching this U14 group together as well as the U13s.

This group will be wearing numbers 1-30. I also deleted the class column as I don’t have that info for any of these players.

No.NamePos.YearNotes & Comments
9Diego Cruz92009
12Erick VargasW2009He played for FCD, left for DKSC, then Solar, and now returns to FCD.
26Jordyn Eason2009New player who joined from LAFC.
10Steel Cook10/82009Playmaker. Has played up with 2008s.
15Kyle Velásquez62009New player from Solar.
8George Porter2009New player from Carioca FC (Minnesota).
7Zac Fumtim2009
20Abren Vega2009Has played up with 2008s.
2Kaleb Panozzo2009Changed to #2.
5Ahmad Odom2009
17Christian Wygant2009New player from FCD Youth Premier ECNL.
14Emmanuel Álvarez2009
3Liam VejrostekLB2009Joined spring of ’22 from RSL Arizona. Dec ’09, so he’s really young. Has played up with 2008s. Changed to #3.
25Saúl RíosG2009Joined spring ’22 from FCD El Paso. Has played up with 2008s.
 Austin ChukwuF/W2009New player from Spain, younger brother of Daniel (2007).
11Diego EchevarríaF2009“Evhy.” Former FC Force (AYSES). Scores lots of goals. Puerto Rico U14.
16Sebastián Aragundi2009Changed to #16.
6Oliver Stenning2009Former Dallas Texans
19Joaquín González2009New player from FC Dallas West Red, to ECNL Premier, and now the Academy in two seasons. That’s an impressive climb. Peruvian/Mexican.
4Mark Drygas2009
18Carlo Johnson2009
37Ethan Kurpiewski2009New player from West Florida Flames. May have also played for Athletic Madrid Miami.
13Juan CarreraG2009The youngest brother of Nico and Antonio.
1Zach WellsG2009


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