Predicting North Texas SC end of 2022 moves

North Texas SC‘s season has come to end. And for the players, they enter a time of chaos and unknown. NTXSC has a much more truncated process than FC Dallas.  Players usually get two seasons at most to prove themselves.  Many sometimes far less. 

On a big picture front, I’ve been getting the impression from FCD they want to sign more Academy kids to this team and not as many foreign players.  So the usage of this squad may change a little as the organization adapts to the quality – or lack thereof – in MLS Next Pro.

Also, as a reminder, Bernard Kamungo has already signed by FC Dallas.

NTX Players Under ’23 Contract

There are two players already under contract for 2023: Hope Avayevu and Pablo Torre.  Avayevu led NTX with 9 assists. Torres was signed out of high school and has shown some moments.

I’d want to bring both back for 2023 even if they weren’t under contract.

Players on Loan in ’22

Five players are on loans that end with the 2022 season. Let’s discuss each.

Paul AmedumeNo.Played the bulk of the starts for North Texas. Would have a long way to go to make MLS. Not a buy in my mind and I’d like to clear room for Academy kids like Will Baker.
Tomas LacerdaNo.He’s got an ok game but like so many others I’m not seeing enough to buy.
Luis MiguelNo.He had some moments, but not enough to buy for me.
Jose MulatoYes. Reportedly FCD already bought him and he has a “long term” contract. Well then, that’s nice. Cause he’s got some stuff.
Carl SainteYes.He came from New Mexico United toward the end of the season. But I like him. It’s a buy for me.

Players with ’23 Options

After all the movement during the season there aren’t that many left. Let’s run ’em.

“Chile Araneda”No.I didn’t see enough progression to warrant a return.  
Felipe CarneiroNo.Was behind Carrera all year and with Julian Eyestone coming along there’s no need to keep Felipe.
Andrew CostaYesA player I like. Could dominate games at times on the wing or in midfield.
Chase NieceNoWe hardly saw him, which is telling, and there are some Academy players I’d rather see get the PT.
Blake PopeYes.Can play outside back or wing. Good roster piece and showed fairly well when he was on the pitch.

The Elephant in the Room

Blaine Ferri is out of contract.

Frankly, after he wasn’t signed this year to FCD and the way he was – in my mind – mishandled at North Texas, I’m not sure why he would want to come back. 

Ferri is North Texas SC’s best midfielder and it’s not close in my mind, I thought he had made the FCD roster coming out of the spring.

Unfortunately, he may be pissed off and I won’t blame him if he is.  It’s likely that nothing short of an FC Dallas contract will being him back for 2023. Without that MLS contract offer, I imagine he will find a place in USL-C.

Ferri 20220326_mlsnextpro_114592
Blaine Ferri (8) sends a clearance back in to play in the MLS NEXT Pro matchup between North Texas SC and Minnesota United FC 2, March 26, 2022. (Daniel McCullough, 3rd Degree)

3rd Degree’s ’23 NTXSC Roster Starting Point

Here then is my starting point for building a 2023 North Texas SC roster.  

FC Dallas Contract

Antonio Carrera
Jose Mulato
Isaiah Parker
Collin Smith

I’ll explain my take on these four in articles to come this winter.

North Texas Contract

Home Avayevu
Andrew Costa
Blake Pope
Carl Sainte
Pablo Torre

That’s more than normal returning.

There will of course be Academy players up on amateur contracts and maybe even some signed this winter but that’s a different article.


  1. I appreciate you giving Blaine props. I respect this young man. Absolutely love Collin, Antonio and Hope, as well.

    How about Nolan Norris – any predictions out there for him?

  2. You didnt seem to mention the coach and where he stands moving to 2023. Do you have insight into how this season was viewed and if it met the goals set by upper management at the start of the season? He has not been seen on soc in a while and I believe he missed an away game a few weeks ago which seemed somewhat strange that he did not travel with the team. Do you have any guesses as to his future?

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