Top 5 number 8s in FC Dallas history

As a follow up to our 25th season celebration series naming the top 5 players by position in FCD franchise history, I started a Top 5 FCD Players by Number series.

It’s time for the number 8. The Magic 8-Ball wasn’t much help.

Around these parts, we think numbers are important, and I had the idea that – if the season didn’t restart – it might be fun to spin the Top 5s a bit and do a Top 5 Players by Number series. Of course, the season did restart so the idea went on the back burner… until now.

Disclaimer: The 25th Season Top 5 Player lists were voted on by a committee. These Top 5 Player by Number lists are just mine. So come at me, bro!

Top 5 FCD Number 8s

The 8 is the number of the linking mid. The box-to-box patroller of the middle of the park. So much so we call the position an 8.

1Oscar ParejaYou knew Papi was going to top the 8s.  In our All-Time franchise rankings, Pareja finished 3rd in Best Player, 1st in Off-Field Impact, 1st in Coaches, 4th in Attacking Mids, and 1st in Linking Mids. He is a franchise legend and a member of the Texas Soccer Walk of Fame. If there were an FCD Mount Rushmore, he would be on it.
2Juan TojaToja finished 5th in both our Linking Mid and Left Mid rankings.  A creative and sometimes frustrating player he could completely change the game at times.  Given his club fame, it’s amazing he played just one and a half seasons in Dallas. 66 games, 53 starts, 9 goals, and 3 assists.
3Richard MulrooneyJust two seasons in Dallas and he was out missing most of one of those seasons. 2006 MLS Comeback Player of the Year award after returning from his ACL. His loss to injury in 2005 ruined a team that was 10-2-3 through June and finished 3-8-6.  Mulrooney was an Honorable Mention in our Linking Mid rankings but #1 overall in Most Underrated.
4Victor UlloaOne of the very best Homegrown stories in club history. Ulloa was actually signed and then cut after 3 seasons by Hyndman – with just one sub appearance – only to be given a second chance by Oscar Pareja. Ulloa changed to the 8 jersey to honor his mentor in 2015. 8 Dallas seasons, 4 seasons in the 8 jersey. Stats in the 8 jersey: 115 games, 88 starts, 5 goals, and 5 assists as a pure, defensive first holding mid. Honorable Mention in our Holding Mid rankings.
5Gerell ElliottElliott is perhaps a name many people remember but he gets into my list just ahead of Bryan Acosta (who in two seasons has played in 65% of the game he was on the roster). In the first three seasons of Dallas Burn history, Elliott – including playoffs – played 72 games with 44 starts scoring 17 goals with 14 assists. A fast, dynamic attacker he could be effective as a starter and as a super-sub.

What’s your list look like?

#8 – All-Time FCD Roster

It’s interesting upon viewing how short the all-time list of players is who wore the number 8s. With consideration, it’s obvious the long run of Oscar Pareja (7 seasons), Bruno Guarda (5 seasons), and Victor Ulloa (4 seasons) in the 8 jersey have eaten up a big chunk of FCD history.

Players tend to hold on to this number.

Bryan Acosta2019 to Current
Victor Ulloa2015 to 2018
Peter Luccin2013 to 2014
Bruno GuardaMid 2008 to 2012
Juan Toja2007 to Mid 2008
Richard Mulrooney2006 to 2007
Oscar Pareja1999 to 2005
Gerell Elliott1996-1998

Up next?

District was leaving, intended to pay for…
Number 9. Number 9.

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