Top 10 – ways you can tell Hunt already owns the Burn

Top Ten Ways you can tell Hunt already “OWNS” the Burn
1MLS Confidential“All three teams are operated by the Hunt Sports Group…” in reference to KC, Columbus, and DALLAS.
2SLCWould the Burn be out of the Cotton Bowl if they were not in the Hunt stable?  After 6 years of losing money in the CB, why now all of a sudden is moving to SLC to save money so imperative.
3FriscoHSG man on the spot, John Wagner, is negotiating with Frisco (and McKinney for that matter) on behalf of MLS. 
4JeffriesHunt blocked Chicago when they wanted to interview Jeffries for the Fire job.
5Office MoveBurn offices are moving. Are they being consolidated with HSG offices in Dallas? Even if the move is only cost cutting it still smacks of Hunt.
6Earnie StewartWould the Burn have gotten a sniff at Stewart without an “owner”?  Doubtful.
7Hunt TourStar-Telegram reported 1/29 that Hunt personally toured SLC Stadium.
8Demo GamesWould the Burn be playing a Demo game in OK, if Hunt wasn’t the owner?  Only a current MLS investor, who wants to get more investors, would travel “his teams” to play.
9South AfricaHunt team (Wiz) are going to South Africa.  Burn are just short of final confirmation they are going to South Africa.  Coincidence?  I think not.
10Cheerleader tryoutOk that is a joke, but it terrifies me.

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