Top 10 – Burn moves

We’ll give the good ones first.

Top Ten Burn Moves (we’ll give the good ones first)
1Pareja TradeHe is the heart of the Burn and only gave up Damian to get him.
2Drafting KreisThe first American-born MVP of MLS, 43rd pick in first MLS Draft
3Re-Acquiring AlvarezClearly Missed in ’97, brought back in 1998.
4Billy HicksThe 1st Gm of the Burn set the tone for this great Front Office.  Even if he did leave for the XFL, the standard had been set.
52001 DraftRyan Suarez (possible Rookie of the Year) Joselito Vaca (2000 Bolivian Player of the Year), and Eddie Johnson (U-17 Stud) in 1st two rounds. 
6Bobby RhineThe good move is not giving up on him after a mediocre 1st two seasons, as he really blossomed on 2001.
7No PanicBelieve me, in a couple years you will be glad the Burn didn’t give up some of their youth on a panic move this year.
8Move to UT-DYes, Blue Sky was that bad.
9Graziani TradeActually, I am only half sold on this.  Graziani has high production, but Leonel Alvarez WAS the Burn.
10Red & BlackSpecifically choosing to wear this classy combination and drop the green.

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