Top 10 – reasons I don’t want Hunt to buy the Burn

Top Ten Reasons I don’t want Hunt to buy the Burn.
1CheerleadersWrong football stupid!
2Swift OutOwners like to bring in their own GM.  Burn front office, through Swift’s leadership, is one of the best in MLS, targeting the Hispanic market and suburban.  One can only hope Hunt recognizes good leadership when he sees it.  I will be forced to give him a swift kick in the but if Hunt dumps Swift.
3Music During PlayYou ever heard the music that plays during the game at KC and Columbus games?  God it is annoying.
4Dumb Names and LogosSome might say the Burn has a silly name and logo, but it could be much worse.  Certainly it’s better then “Crew”.  Hopefully Hunt won’t change it to something really lame like the “Dallas Buddies.” 
5Hunt KidsNot just any kids, but Hunt’s kids.  I am sure one of Hunt’s kids will be put in charge of the Burn.  No more nepotism thank you.
6BoringCan you think of any team more boring than Columbus and Kansas City.   Both play that awful, direct, physical, “American” style game that bores the crap out of me.
7Cup TroubleHow can you blow off the US Open Cup, if you need to, when it’s named after your owner?  Don’t take this wrong, I love the Cup, but this year it should have taken a back seat and it hurt the team when it didn’t.
8Tight FistHunt has a reputation for trying to get by on a budget.  What I want in an owner is Mark Cuban.  Thick fuzzy towels for everyone.
9TurfI know it is just temporary, but I hate turf.  Grass is pure and beautiful.  Turf will have lines even if the stadium is better.  There is nothing more beautiful than the pristine Cotton Bowl pitch.
10No More Hate?How can you hate a team owned by the same guy.  And man I loath KC and Columbus.  Not like I hate the Fire, with passion.  But really just with disdain, like you hate a roach.

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