Top 10 – reasons “The Insider” has taken a sabbatical

Top Ten reasons “the Insider” has taken a sabbatical.
1Fusion Practice AlotNot much time to write while being run ragged by Coach Hudson.
2BC SucksToo busy being “Mr. Outside” and trying to hook up with BC Co-eds.
3Vegas baby, VegasThose Lex and Terry road trips can be a real whip.
4Keeper GlovesHard to write while chasing balls with keeper gloves on (or in your pocket).
5InternetSoccerScrew, when the big boys call.
6Cost of FlightsHard to write a weekly report when you can only afford to fly back from NY once every two months.
7Rivalry gets in the wayLoyalty has been stretched by Burn’s newest rivals: Seattle Sounders (PDL)
8TraditionToo distracted by silly Cups, homecomings, Burn lunches, and fan groups.
9Night ShiftHard to write about Burn practice when you sleep during the day.
10Too much to doNo time to be the Insider while writing for and doing color on ESPN.  And with ExtraTime on the way it won’t get better.

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