Top 10 – things that annoy me about MLS broadcasts

Top Ten things that annoy me about MLS broadcasts
1“nicely”US commentators seem to say player X did something “nicely.” I figure they do it when they can’t think of how to describe the play. Jack Edwards is the worst at this.  Drive me crazy.
2Bad replayswe need to see the build up.  The goal is nice, but WHY is what matters
3TeachingStop trying to teach the game.  We know the game, you don’t need to explain it.  John Madden didn’t teach me the rules of Football, my Dad did.  Same with soccer.
4Over-talkingIt’s not necessary to describe every detail.  We can see what is happening, give us the names and a little tactics.
5GreatnessStop telling us how great everyone is.  We know Brazil is great.  If you have to explain why a player is great, maybe he isn’t that great.
6Wide shot75% of MLS games the play-by-play camera is too wide.  Tighten it up.  Watch a couple European games for a good guideline.
7Ref and TimeIt’s not necessary to tell us the Referee keeps the official time.  We know that.
8Stupid FeaturesI hate those cheesy, made-for-kids, moronic features they run at halftime.  Just give us a real interview or player profile.
9PromosI know they pay for the Show but there are too many of them.  
10More CamerasMLS needs more cameras.  There are not enough.  It’s a money issue really, but the high-endzone camera is a great one we never see.

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