Top 10 – reasons the sky is not falling

Top Ten Reasons the sky is not falling

1 It’s Early

Burn have played 4 games, most other MLS teams have played 5 or 6.  San Jose (1st), Columbus (2nd), New England (5th), and Los Angeles (7th, but all on the road) all played several more games that counted in the Champions Cup.

2 Pareja’s Return

El Capitán.  This guy is everything.  We he is back, this team will be back.

3 New Playoffs

I stand corrected by the Burn front office, I forgot that the new playoff system is by conference, so if the playoffs started today the Burn would be in.  I still say it’s a bit silly to be talking playoffs after 4 games.

4 Strong D

Believe it or not the Burn have a strong D, Morrow, Suarez, Broome, and Bonseu.  Eventually, they will figure out ‘the switch’… or else they will switch back.  Either way all will be good.

5. 1 or 2 more players

The Burn have cap room, and at least one free roster space after ROB goes on the IR.  There will be more acquisitions, the European window opens this week… stay tuned.

6 2nd Half vs KC

If you missed the second half you missed out.  A blow offside call not withstanding, the Burn dominated that half.  Finishing could have been better, but the midfield was outstanding.  Where has that been?

7. Deering, Chivas, Pareja, and Vaca

There are some exciting players here. So they haven’t figured it out this year, this is the same group that lead the Burn to the top of the league at the midway point last year.  They will get it together.

8 DJ Countess

One of the hot young goalkeepers in the US, he is only gonna get better.  Keepers don’t get good until 40 and this kid is barely legal.

9 The Bench

There are some exciting young players on this roster and the future looks bright.  Davis, Stone, Thompson (some day), Gbandi, etc…  Hopefully these guys will make an impact sooner rather than later.’

10 LA Galaxy

Do you really think this is still not the team to beat in MLS?  And they struggling too, and it’s not just because they are on the road.

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