2002 Fearless Prediction – Redoux

20 Fearless Predictions for the 2002 season.
8 and 1/2 points.
1. East finish: MetroStars, Chicago, NE, DC, Columbus.
All right, so we started badly. (Wrong – 0)
2. West Finish: LA, SJ, Dallas, Colorado, and KC. 
So who is the MAN?!?! (Correct – 1)
3. Mamado Diallo will cause the Revs all kinds of headaches, and will punch a teammate sometime this season.
He was a pain in the ass and got traded (Correct’ish – 1)
4. The US Open Cup will be won by San Jose.
It’s Columbus (Wrong -0)
5. Clint Mathis will be MVP of MLS, and the US National team.
He was MVP of National Team in qualifying, but certainly not MLS. (Wrong -0)
6. MetroStars will win the 2002 MLS Cup.
Didn’t make thne playoffs (Wrong -0)
7. Dallas will make the playoffs and lose in the 1st round.
Hate to say BINGO, but BINGO. (Correct – 1)
8. Josh Wolff will lead MLS in goals.  
Wolff got hurt, Twellman instead… but who saw that coming. (Wrong – 0)
9. Ed Johnson and Santino Quaranta will be a starters by years end.
Still up and coming, but Man U is watching both which must mean something. (Wrong -0)
10. After the World Cup deals will be finalized for Clint Mathis and Landon Donovan to go to Europe.
So, so close. (Wrong -0)
11. Joe Cannon will lead MLS is GAA, and will again not be Goalkeeper of the Year.
Bush and Hartmann 1.09 Cannon 1.10… but we will claim it since Cannon played entire season and the others didn’t. (Correct -1)
12. The Burn will be solnd before the season is over.  (The Energizer Bunny of Predictions… it keeps going and going…)
With a wimper (Correct -1)
13. Ryan Suarez will incite an opponent into drawing a red card.
Not sure, but I don’t think it happened directly. (Wrong -0)
14. MetroStars will win the Supporters Shield.  
LA. That Ruiz kid might be good. (Wrong -0)
15. Something will happen in New Jersey to again hold up MetroStars Stadium.
Why does this one not surprise me at all? (Correct -1)
16. Luchi Gonzalez will rookie of the year primarily filling in for Landon Donovan during the World Cup.
Not looking likely. (Wrong -0)
17. Juergen Sommer, finally healthy, will be goalkeeper of the Year.
Nope (Wrong -0)
18. Carlos Bocanegra will be defender of the year and will knock two players out of MLS games this season.
Yes. (Correct – 1)
19. The USA will finish 2nd in their group and be eliminated in the first game of the 2nd round.
Half right, to my great happiness. (1/2 right – 1/2)
20. Joe-Max Moore will come back to MLS after the World Cup.
Yes! (Correct – 1)

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