Top 10 – soccer media

Print, movie, magazine, tv.

Top Ten Media (print, movie, magazine, tv)
1The Miracle of Castel Di Sangroby Joe McGinniss, One of the best books I have ever read in any genre.
2VictoryStallone in a soccer movie?
3Fox Sports WorldSoccer all the time.
44-4-2Wonderful magazine about the English game.
5Fever Pitchby Nick Hornby, Good book about the life of a Arsenal Fanatic.
6MLS ExtraTimeHeck a TV show about MLS has gotta be on here.
7 Encyclopedia of American Soccer HistoryThe Bible for any soccer history buff.
8Twenty-Two Foreigners in Funny Shortsby Pete Davies, A fan guide to 1994 World Cup.  Witty and informative.
9Full MontyOne of the characters is a Sheffield United fan.
10Lady BugsRodney Dangerfield coaches a girl’s team, dresses his son in drag to win.

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