Top 10 – dead horses

Top Ten Dead Horses
1Clint Mathis SucksDang it dude, he doesn’t suck.  No one who scores 5 goals in a game sucks.
2Referee was TerribleYes, but get over it.
3Fair Park is DangerousPlease it’s not dangerous.  Unless you’re talking 4 am on Saturday night.
4Burn need a right MFPlease he’s 17.  He does need some pt though. maybe with injuries, he will get a call.
5Johnson should be startingFor the last time, the Burn can NOT play at Ford Stadium.
6 Kreis call upHe’ll get called up when he is the leading scorer in MLS again.
7Ford StadiumFor the last time the Burn can NOT play at Ford Stadium.
8Graziani can’t scoreHe’s in a dry spell, we get it, move on. He’s in MLS top twenty in scoring during this “slump”
9Burn to sign a “discovery” PlayerYeah, ok. Sure they are. Probably Figo right?
10Burn need an owner and stadiumThis is such a dead horse the players even are sick of talking about it.

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