Thomas Roberts heads to Scotland for Hibernian trial

FC Dallas’ 19-year-old midfielder Thomas Roberts has flown to Scotland and begun a 14-day quarantine in preparation for a trial at Hibernian FC.

Roberts is coming off a terrific string of appearances with North Texas SC, including the best performance of his career in the season final.

Our take: Since he’s not in the short term rotation with FC Dallas, now is a great time for Roberts to look at options. Robert is beyond North Texas SC now and needs a higher level of competition. If it’s not going to be at FC Dallas he might as well seek a loan or sale to somewhere he can play.

Thomas Roberts attacks into the offensive zone in the season final 2-1 North Texas SC win over Tormenta FC, October 25, 2020. (Jacob Simmons, 3rd Degree)


  1. I, personally, would have loved to get the opportunity to live in Edinburgh as a 19-year-old. Beautiful city in a beautiful country.

    Best of luck to Thomas.

  2. Irvine Welsh paints a vivid picture of Edinburgh in his novels. I wouldn’t mind living there for awhile. I’m already used to the weather living here in Portland, OR.

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