The FC Dallas U16s for the 2024 Dallas Cup

With the FC Dallas U17s heading to the GA Cup, we move on to the U16s for the Dallas Cup.

Important note: Dallas Cup rosters are now final (3/23).

Don’t see a name you think should be here? Take it up with FCD. I just list the names the Dallas Cup gave me.

FC Dallas U16s

Head Coach: Scott James

The U16s are in 1st Place in the U16 Frontier Division with 2.43 points per game (5-0-2).

These young men are all 2008s.

Buzz’s U16 Watch List

Here’s my watch list for this age bracket. (In alphabetical order)

Tadesse Hart – An aggressive winger with pace and ball skill who, so far, can dribble past any defender I’ve seen him go up against.

Zach Molomo – Another big-time prospect that FC Dallas has converted from forward to defense. I’ve seen him at both center back and outside back this season. Recent NTX preseason PT.

Matthew Razo – One of my favorite 6s in the Academy with bags of grit and willpower. He needs to control his energy output a bit now that he’s playing 90 minutes.

Erik Rosales – I dig his attacking style, finding him to be dangerous and interesting.

Andre Saucedo – The playmaking 10 who stirs the soup at this level. He’s been getting a lot of Mexico YNT call-ups this year.

There are a fair few additions (nine!) this season that I’ve not seen much yet and I can’t wait to get another look. This might be a fast-changing side.

FC Dallas U16 Roster for Dallas Cup 2024

Updated: March 23, 2024 with final roster.

This group is numbered 30 and up with one exception.

6Zach MolomoCBForward converted to D full-time last year. Recent NTX PT.
30Josue FuentesGHonduras and US eligible.
32Jonah GibsonMNew for 23-24 from Dallas Texans. Also formally Solar SC.
32Aiden Bernklau WostlMNew for 23-24 from IMG Academy.
33Gavin Vo8/LBSmart, versatile player.
34Kevin RodriguezCB/CMGood passing CB.
35Gio AlvarezW/M/RBVersatile, I’ve seen him play all over the field.
36Matthew Razo6/8I like him better as a 6 than 8.
37Tadesse HartWJoined from Solar after U13s. Dynamic wing.
39Erik RosalesLWMoved up last year from FCD Youth Central Medina. Honduras U17.
40Gabriel WatkinsDNew for 23-24 from Solar.
41Pierre MazzawiFNew for ’23-24 from Solar. Also played for City Futsal.
42Pietro MoreiraMNew for 23-24 from Dallas Texans. ECNL 2023 All-Conference 1st Team.
43Aiden JordanGNew for 23-24 from Solar.
44Wyatt EasterlyRBFormally at Solar West.
45Jaxon MeeseW/M 
46Carter Bronold6From DKSC, joined this season.
47Andre SaucedoAMPlaymaker Mexico U15/U16. Joined from Solar after U13s.
50Eunho LeeLWJoined for 22-23 from San Antonio FC.
51Christian HernandezCB“Nano.” New for 22-23. Dallas Texans captain when they won ECNL Champ in 22.
Andrew CalderonGuest player for DC?
Ougir VegaCMHe was on my Dallas Cup watch list for non-FCD players and it turns out he just joined FCD from Dallas Hornets.

If I have any bad info here, shoot me a note. I am nowhere close to infallible.

U16 Dallas Cup Schedule 2024 – Group G

Mar 252 pmWoodbridge SC 2008 OPDLToyota 12
Mar 262 pmCeltic RL 08Toyota 15
Mar 276 pmRISE ECNL 08Moneygram 06
FC Dallas U14s - 2008s. (Courtesy Victor Rios)
FC Dallas U14s – 2008s. (Courtesy Victor Rios)

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