The FC Dallas U14s for the 2024 Dallas Cup

And again we skip an age group as the U15s will be at the GA Cup, so the FCD U14s are up for the Dallas Cup.

Disclaimer: as usual, I will remind everyone that this is not a team I’ve seen yet. I have chosen an arbitrary line of not watching any FCD team until they hit the Dallas Cup at U14. I’m just one man and can’t see everything.

Important note: Dallas Cup rosters are now final (3/23).

Don’t see a name you think should be here? Take it up with FCD. I just list the names the Dallas Cup gave me.

FC Dallas U14s

Head Coach: Toto Schmugge and Adam Wells

The U14s are in 1st Place in the U14 Frontier Division with 2.56 points per game (13-1-2).

These boys are 2010s.

Buzz’s Watch List

well… I haven’t seen them yet. So I don’t have one.


The four kids who made it onto the South Region roster for US ID camp are probably worth paying attention to: Alex Soria, Sammy Guevara, Xavier Gomez, and Justus Jones.

Maybe toss in Aiden Gallardo who has scored some pretty big goals already.

FC Dallas U14 Roster for Dallas Cup 2024

Updated: March 23, 2024 with final roster. A couple players were dropped for injuries or callups and four players from 10 ECNL Red have been added.

Nominally, this group is numbered 21 and up… Which is an odd breakpoint instead of the usual 31 and up or 30 and down.

This roster may need some additions with a couple of injured players.

21Christian Guillén-LópezCB 
22Alex SoriaAM US South Region U14 roster.
26Eduardo SalasG“Tito.” Two US U14 ID Camps.
31Christopher Olvera New for 23-24 from Dallas Texans.
32Justus JonesCMUS South Region U14 roster.
33Seif AwadM/DNew 23-24 from Solar.
34Braulio Hernandez CM Sometimes “Hernandez-Borjas”
35Sammy Guevara 6Mexico U15, US South Region U14 roster.
36Karthik MathaiF/MNew 23-24 from Solar, formally with OKC Energy.
39Aiden GallardoFScored a brace to win 2023 U13 Dallas Cup Final. Two US U14 ID Camps.
41Neil AkemWPhil Akem’s younger brother.
42Tamba Hallie II Two US U14 ID Camps.
53Brennen McDonald  
31Johan Padilla CanalesF/MFrom ECNL Red 10
27Angelo CaiafaFrom ECNL Red 10
17Angel MonsivaisFFrom ECNL Red 10
1Jonathan MendiolaGFrom ECNL Red 10

If I have any bad info here, shoot me a note. I am nowhere close to infallible.

U14 Dallas Cup Schedule 2024 – Group C

Mar 254 pmFC Dinastia 2010Moneygram 07
Mar 2610 amTFA MLS Next 2010Richland 06
Mar 274 pmOK Energy 10 ECNLRichland 08
FCD 2010s In Guadalajara, Mexico, 2023.
FCD 2010s In Guadalajara, Mexico, 2023.

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