Predicting FC Dallas 2022 Expansion Draft lists

The 2022 MLS Expansion Draft for St Louis City to stock up their roster with five more players is this Friday (November 11th). FC Dallas will be exposed in the draft but can lose at most one player.

Here are some important rules.

  • Each MLS team protects up to 12 players.
  • Expiring contracts still count as being on the roster.
  • Protecting a player does not pick up the player’s option.
  • Generation adidas players who have not graduated and Homegrowns under 25 years this season are auto-protected.
  • DPs and U-22 players are not auto-protected.
  • Players with no-trade clauses must be protected.
  • Players who retire will not be a part of the Expansion Draft, but the club will lose its right of first refusal should they return.

It’s important to note that Homegrown in this context just means a player that at one point was a “homegrown” player from the club’s academy, they can be on the senior roster. FC Dallas has a few players who fit that category.

Let’s begin.

Auto-Protected Players

FC Dallas has a bunch of auto-protects. It is a massive advantage in roster protecting for the expansion draft.

Antonio CarreraHomegrown
Edwin CerrilloHomegrown
Justin CheHomegrown on loan
Kalil ElMedkharHomegrown
Jesus FerreiraHomegrown
Eddie MunjomaHomegrown
Isaiah ParkerGeneration adidas
Paxton PomykalHomegrown
Beni RedžicHomegrown
Thomas RobertsHomegrown
Dante SealyHomegrown on loan
Brandon ServaniaHomegrown
Collin SmithHomegrown

That’s a big list.

Predicting Protections

Let’s have a go, alphabetically, at predicting the FCD list of 12.

1-12PlayerWhy Protect
1Paul ArriolaTeam leader.
2Marco FarfanNot an FCD Homegrown.
3Bernard KamungoNew hot talent.
4Sebastian LletgetBrand new deal.
5Jose A. MartinezCoach’s favorite defender.
6Tsiki NtsabelengImpactful and super cheap.
7Jader ObrianSolid production at a fair price.
8Maarten PaesFantastic season.
9Facundo QuignonProtection in the middle.
10Nkosi TafariFCD’s ’23 potential CB starter.
11Ema TwumasiRB starter.
12Alan VelascoStar in the making.

Exposed List

Those two lists above leave FCD with just seven exposed players. These are the seven I’ve chosen to expose in this exercise.

Exposed PlayerComments
Lucas BartlettFrom his Instagram, it seems FCD is declining his contract option anyway.
Matt HedgesFCD’s defensive GOAT. See below.
Nicky HernandezSpent 2022 on loan with San Antonio. Low risk he’ll get taken?
Franco JaraHalf a season left on his contract. If anyone wants him, please feel free.
Jimmy MaurerFantastic having Maurer on the team but FCD needs to protect other bodies and Jimmy is 34.
NanuLoan ending.
Joshué QuiñónezDoes FCD like him or not?

Let me explain my choices.


This year was a hard one to predict.

Let’s start with Matt Hedges. Reports are pretty clear that FC Dallas doesn’t want to pick up the approx $1 mil option and instead would like to negotiate a new deal. However, both those reports and the info I have are that the two sides are far apart.

So, that info and that FCD didn’t trade him…
And given FCD only has till Monday (the 14th) at noon to exercise the option or not…
Dallas might as well expose Hedges because free agency begins next Wednesday and if Hedges hits the open market someone else will almost certainly pay him more than FCD if offering.

Sure, he might get taken in the expansion draft if he’s exposed. But at least FCD would get $50k GAM for him and that’s better than zero if Hedges is a free agent.

And unless someone takes Hedges and exercises his option – a pretty pricy option – everyone, including FCD, can talk to Hedges about a contract starting Wednesday. Perhaps the open market will make FCD’s offer seem worth taking.

Could FCD protect Hedges to give themselves a few more days? Sure. But if they haven’t gotten a deal done by this point I don’t think they are going to.

So for this prediction, I exposed Hedges.

Given that I just exposed Hedges that should mean I can also expose Joshué Quiñónez. Given the unknown buy price on Quiñónez, plus his international status, and his status as an unproven player, it seems likely anyone picking a center back would take Hedges over Q.

Heck, we’re not even sure yet if FCD wants to bring Quiñónez back, although losing Hedges might make that more likely. I was pretty tempted to expose Facundo Quignon over Quiñónez but I think FCD values him a lot more than I do.


  1. Certainly you know nothing about this game! You don’t understand nothing. Arriola a team leader?? Kamungo new hot talent?? Tsiki impactful ?? Jader Solid ?? Obviously you are an ignorant and don’t know nothing about soccer!

  2. Expose Quignon and Obrian instead of Maurer and Hernandez. They both require international slots and it is very unlikely St Louis would want to take them on. Especially Quignon because his salary is beyond his value. Losing either one of those guys would free up more cap space and an international slot that gives you more roster flexibility on the international market.

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