Official FC Dallas spring camp roster

In a story on, the club released its camp roster. Here it is in all its numerical glory.

Preseason numbers are not final, they can change when the roster is cut down.

1GKJimmy Maurer
2RBGeovane JesusInjured
3CBOmar Gonzalez
4LBMarco Farfan
7WPaul Arriola
9FJesus JiminezNot in camp
10FJesus Ferreira
11WDante Sealy
128Sebastian Lletget
13GKAntonio CarreraHG
146/8Asier Illarramendi
15LBIsaiah ParkerGA
168Tsiki Ntsabeleng
17CBNkosi Tafari
186Liam Fraser
198Paxton Pomykal
208Alan VelascoInjured
21FJose MulatoNot in camp
22RBEma Twumasi
23FLogan FarringtonSigned Pick
24CBAmet KorcaNot under contract
25CBSebastien Ibeagha
27RBHerbert Endeley
28CBMads WestergrenUnsigned Pick
29LBSam Junqua
30GKMaarten Paes
31FEugene Ansah
326/8/CBNolan NorrisHG
348Alejandro UrzuaHG
358Tomas Pondeca
36FMalik-Henry ScottHG
376Carl SainteNTX
388Diego GarciaNTX
399Lautaro TaboadaNTX
41FTarik ScottHG
42CBTurner HumphreyUnsigned Pick
44GKMichael CollodiNTX
77WBernard Kamungo
99WEnes SaliNot in camp

I’ve confirmed from my contacts that Jesus Jimenez and Jose Mulato are not in camp. FCD in their story said Enes Sali is not here yet either.


  1. This could be a sign that fcd is ready to get rid of jimenez. Also we need to sell mulato. No future at dallas.

  2. The roster release from FCD indicates Arriola is a DP and that Dallas has 8 internationals (Twumasi and Fraser must both have Green Cards or maybe they’ve changed the international rules for Canadiens). Regardless, in order to add a starting level CB they are going to have to acquire or free up another international slot or make a trade within MLS for a domestic CB. I really doubt the latter will happen – what can Dallas offer in return? The former is more likely but only if they can offload one of Mulato or Jimenez and I’m not sure who would want them.
    More and more i feel they aren’t going to acquire a starting level CB but are going to roll with Gonzalez being the third CB. It’s very depressing because expecting Ibeagha to repeat last year’s performance (which was fine but not great) is unrealistic and there is no way Gonzalez will be able to meet the level required if Ibeagha falls off.

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