Nicky Hernandez loaned to San Antonio FC for 2022

FC Dallas has loaned Nicky Hernandez to San Antonio FC for the remainder of the 2022 season. Hernandez is able to be recalled at any point.

Hernandez is coming off an injury-plagued season in 2021 and went through a compartment syndrome procedure earlier this spring. So far he’s been limited to playing for North Texas SC and has yet to debut for FC Dallas.

With the decline in quality that MLS Next Pro has turned out to be initially, Hernandez has been left in limbo between the development side and FC Dallas’ first team. Cracking the first team lineup was looking very difficult and the kid needs games.

The answer is a USL-Championship loan, something we’ve been suggesting for Hernandez for some time.

San Antonio usually plays a double pivot and Hernandez will fit in very well with their physical style as a deep-lying 8 in that setup. They are in need of a quality player in that spot. That’s the same position that Hernandez played at SMU and last year under Coach Luchi Gonzalez.

In our book, this is a great move for both the club and the player as all parties want to see the kid progress and SAFC is a good fit. It’s a good fit and benefit to both FCD and SAFC.

Hernandez was first signed by North Texas SC in 2020 out of SMU and he played so well FC Dallas drafted him for 2021 to make sure they held onto his college rights.

Nicky Hernandez plays the ball against Chattanooga Red Wolves SC (Courtesy USL League One)

Name: Nicky Hernandez
Full name: Dominick Gilbert Hernandez
Position: Midfielder
DOB: September 21, 1998 (23)
Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
Hometown: Duncanville, Texas
Height: 5-10
Weight: 175
Nationality: United States
Last Club: North Texas SC
Transaction: FC Dallas loans midfielder Nicky Hernandez to San Antonio FC for the remainder of 2022 season. Hernandez is eligible to be recalled by FC Dallas at any point this season.

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