Meet the FC Dallas U19s for 2023-24

It’s that time of year again. Time for the roster breakdowns for the 2023-24 FC Dallas Academy season. I have obtained the latest rosters from FC Dallas and will be digging into them one at a time.

For the 2023-24 season, the 2005s and 2006s are the prime U19 classes.

Please remember these rosters are subject to change. They can, and do, change. Frequently.

As of today’s roster, FCD isn’t listing any U17s up with the U19s. That’s a thing you will probably see change over time. FCD loves to move kids up and down. They also have players labeled as “DPs” who can move down a level and play with ECNL.

Interestingly there seem to be more players taking a gap year with the 19s than in previous seasons. Likely looking for a spot in college soccer.

The North Texas SC Factor

AKA, Who to Watch

I used to do a key players or players to watch section on these rosters. North Texas has changed that as playing there, in a way, identifies the kids we should be watching for at U19.

A handful of the players will spend a fair amount of time with North Texas SC on amateur contracts. Jared Salazar (2006), Nayrobi Vargas (2006), Luke Shreiner (2006), Mason Grimm (2005), and Anthony Ramirez (2005) are the ones who have done so already.

There are three players not listed here who are signed to North Texas SC that you might see come down and play with the 19s as they are still eligible: Dylan Lacy (2005), Diego Garcia (2006), and Ale Urzua (2006).

Heck, technically FCD Homegrowns Nolan Norris (2005) and Tarik Scott (2005) are also still U19 eligible.

There is also a player who just signed with North Texas last week but is still listed here: Malachi Molina.

FC Dallas U19s for 2023-24

Coach: Chuey Vara.

Number band: mostly 30 and up with a couple of exceptions.

3Adrian AnguianoCB200523Former Mexico U16. Looks like he’s taking a gap year.
22Cristian GalloRB200524Converted F to RB.
29Ricardo VivóF/M200523Gap year? Mexico eligible.
30Jared SalazarAM200624This lefty has made his North Texas SC debut already. Portland commit.
31Malachi MolinaF/RB200625Recently signed with NTXSC. Jamiaca U17 (also US eligible).
32Victor GomezG200523Former US U16. Gap year?
33Daniel BaranW200625New player from Chicago Socker where he scored bags of goals. Won the FCD fitness test a couple of weeks ago.
34Nayrobi VargasF200624Honduras U17. Has an agent. Has played and scored for NTXSC.
35Luke ShreinerCB200624Former Dallas Texans player. 6’2″ish. Also made NTX debut. Northwestern commit.
36Stetson ButtrillF200524Former FCD ECNL player.
38Carlos LopezF200624?“Flaco.” From DeKalb IL. Took part in Alianza EL Paso.
39Gael MedranoF200624Mexico U16, former Philly Union Academy. Joined last season.
41Aaron PondecaF/M200624Former FCD ECNL player. Tomas Pondeca’s little brother.
42Mason GrimmCB200524Recent NTX debut, Maturing into a solid prospect. SMU commit.
44Ashton MedinaF200624Former FCD ECNL player. Moved up late in 22-23.
45Mikey MurphyRB/6200625I like him better at 6 than RB.
46Isaac RomeroM200625Joined from Solar some time back.
47Aiden BazzellCB200624Injured much of last spring. Good size.
49Henry CanizalezLB200624Lefty. El Salvador U17s camps last year.
51Anthony RamirezF/W200524He’s long been on my Homegrown watch list. Frequently plays for NTXSC.
54Gabriel BrandonCB200624“Toro” Good defender and leader.
57Emanuel RadillaF200523Gap year? Has played some in ECNL.
60Fabian EnriquezG200624“Chooks” Probable number 1 keeper.
62Rey MarquezW/M200624?From Porter TX, joined late in 22-23 season.
64Braeden BackusLB200624From Michigan Jaguars. Joined late in 22-23.

I do my best to get info on all these kids but I am certainly not infallible. Sometimes Google lets me down. See something wrong? Let me know.

If you think a player is missing, I don’t know what to tell you. This is the roster FCD has given me to start the season and, hopefully, it’s accurate.

Jared Salazar and Nayrobi Vargas tie with several other players for the Golden Boot with 3 goals. (Courtesy MLS Next)
Jared Salazar and Nayrobi Vargas tie with several other players for the Golden Boot with 3 goals at the 2023 GA Cup. (Courtesy MLS Next)


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