Meet the FC Dallas U17s for 2023-24

And so we continue down the age brackets of the FC Dallas Academy for the 2023-24 season. You can find the U19s here.

For the 2023-24 season, the 2007s are the prime U17 classes with the 2008s at U16.

Please remember these rosters are subject to change. They can, and do, change. Frequently.

Again, Dallas so far has listed all the 2008s at U16 but since the U17 bracket is much more competitive you might see some 2008s playing up during the season. And some 2007s may go to U19s or North Texas SC.

The Big Missing Name

Before we go too far I have to mention the big missing name: Gabriel Mendonca.

He’s the 16-year-old who recently joined FC Dallas from Flamengo in Brazil potentially with a 20% sell-on. He was born in the US.

But FCD didn’t list him on the U17 roster they sent me. I do know he is here, has been here training with this group, and playing in scrimmages, etc.

I emailed to ask why he was missing but haven’t heard back yet. (Holiday.)

I hear he’s pretty good. A left back at Flamengo, where he was captain, but he’s been playing in central midfield here.

Gabriel Mendonca
Gabriel Mendonca joins FC Dallas.

Edit: I got an answer. “Gabriel Mendonca is not a registered Academy player.” And no, I have no idea what that means.

Buzz’s U17 Watch List

Since none of these young men have broken in with North Texas SC yet, I will give you a few names high on my personal talent boards. (In alphabetical order)

Michael Cortellessa – Nominally a right back but he can play all over. The Ryan Hollingshead 2.0 bit is very legit.

Niko Montoya – The next hot keeper name at FCD. He spent most of this summer training with the FCD first team.

Bryce Outman – A very talented, long-time US Youth International wing/a-mid but he is tiny, like 5’1″. Can he compete with the grown-ass men he will find at U17? Big test coming up.

Caleb Swann – Two-way central mid with a Pomykal-like work rate. I’m very high on this kid. His mind is a second ahead of the game at this level.

Ren Sylvester – Brand new forward from Michigan Jaguars who raised my eyebrows at Dallas Cup. I look forward to seeing more. Tall and lanky.

FC Dallas U17s for 2023-24

This class has had massive changes over the years with only a few players left from when they were U13s.

Coach: Matias Asorey.

Number band: mostly 29 and down aside from the newer two keepers.

1Blake WheelerG25One of FCD originals.
2Michael CortellessaRB25US Youth International. Ryan Hollingshead 2.0. Originally from Caly.
4Kaka ScabinCB25Joined from Inter Miami for 21-22 season. Strong passer from the back.
5Luke MunsonCB25Joined from Solar for 22-23 season.
7Jaidyn ContrerasW/M25Joined from Dynamo for 22-23 season.
8Marlon Luccin826FCD Assistant Coach Peter Luccin’s son.
9Chris SalazarF/926Joined from Solar for 22-23 season. Big, physical 9.
11Ren SylvesterF25New for 23-24 from Michigan Jaguars. Played with FCD in ’23 Dallas Cup.
12Caleb Swann825Joined from Solar for 22-23 season. Lefty. He’s trained with NTX.
14Saul GuzmanCB25One of FCD originals.
15Ian Charles625Puerto Rico U17. Joined from Arlington SA (Virginia) for 22-23 season.
16Landon Hickam625Moved up from FCD ECNL during 22-23 season. Former Kentucky Fire Juniors.
17Bryce OutmanM/F25US Youth International. Joined from Solar a few years ago.
18Lucas CavalcanteF/M25One of FCD originals.
19Josmar GuandiqueW25From De Anza Force SC (CA). Former US U15. New for 23-24 season.
20Cris ArteagaMAKA Cristopher Arteaga de Paz. From Austin FC. New for 23-24 season.
21Aydin PondecaD25Has played for City Futsal SC. New for 23-24 season. Tomas Pondeca’s other little brother.
23Neo CheW/OB25Justin’s little brother. One of FCD originals.
24Joshua TorquatoW25One of FCD originals.
25Ian Witis-HughesW25Joined for 22-23 season from BVB Dallas. Dynamic winger.
26Jonathan DozierLB26Joined from IMG for 22-23 season.
27Judah McCloudDFrom Chicago Fire Academy, joined for 21-22 season.
28Antonio Zertuche JrM25One of FCD originals.
57Niko MontoyaGTrained with FCD 1st team for most of this summer. From the Cincy area, joined officially for ’22-23 season.
59Curtis LynchG25Joined Dec 22 from Sacramento United.

I do my best to get info on all these kids but I am certainly not infallible. Sometimes Google lets me down. See something wrong? Let me know.

If you think a player is missing, I don’t know what to tell you. This is the roster FCD has given me to start the season and, hopefully, it’s accurate.

FC Dallas U16s stand together before the penalty shootout in the MLS Next Cup match against Miami Rush Kendall SC at Toyota Soccer Center on Saturday, June 18, 2023. (Daniel McCullough, 3rd Degree)
FC Dallas U16s stand together before the penalty shootout in the MLS Next Cup match against Miami Rush Kendall SC at Toyota Soccer Center on Saturday, June 18, 2023. (Daniel McCullough, 3rd Degree)


  1. Watching some of those games down in Mexico, saw some of both Sylvester and Baran. Similar in that they’re both “wow!” fast, but I was a more taken by Sylvester’s technical ability and speed of thought. He goes immediately very high in this 2007 group for me.

    1. Also, sad to see Javier Herrera move on. I thought he was a very talented player (though bringing in Sylvester and Guandique for Mancia and Herrera doesn’t appear to be a bad trade on its face).

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