Juventus coming in strong for Bryan Reynolds

According to a source familiar with the negotiations, Juventus FC is expected to make an offer for Bryan Reynolds in the neighborhood of 6 to 7 million dollars this week.

It may take a little time to iron out the details but it seems the Italian giants are determined to sign the FC Dallas right back.

There have been many teams inquiring about Reynolds but the list of teams that can compete with The Old Lady in terms of buying power is short.

So it seems quite likely these 2020 playoffs will be Reynolds’ last games in the FC Dallas hoops.

3rd Degree’s Take

In general, negotiations for Reynolds sale should come as no surprise. From the minute he stepped on the field as Reggie Cannon’s replacement it was clear the talent Reynolds has.

FC Dallas won’t want to lose their promising player, of course, but this is the nature of the soccer business. Selling talented players for large money is how it works for all but the very wealthiest teams in the world. Reynolds is clearly going to break the FC Dallas transfer record with a move in the winter window.

Big Bad Bryan
Big Bad Bryan. (Eddie Koton, FC Dallas)


  1. I know you have been talking about him leaving either this window or the next, but I guess I just figured (1) no one would pony up like this based on a half-season of (admittedly very good) tape, and (2) if FCD didn’t sell him this winter they wouldn’t sell him in the middle of what I expect to be a Cup-contending run next year. Thank goodness Munjoma’s the goods and FCD has, like, 9 homegrown-eligible RBs in the pipeline.

  2. I didn’t expect it this soon either, but one wonders if Westin’s break through has helped build confidence at Juve for FCD’s acumen to build solid youth players.

  3. Do we have any insight as to the other teams that were interested? Would be nice to know what clubs are eyeballing our academy.

  4. If Bryan goes now, does that mean Bonilla is next up on the HG list? I wasn’t expecting it this soon but man it would be hard to turn down Juve. Good on Bryan and FCD for making this happen, if it does.

  5. Bryan has been, arguably, an upgrade over Cannon. Definitely more adventurous explosive on the offensive end. Given Bryan’s age and how good he has looked in limited minutes, I’m not surprised.

    One thought I have just about every time I watch Bryan play is that I wonder why we didn’t see more (or any) of him with FCD before Cannon was sold. FCD really needs to figure out how to get these guys more minutes more consistently and more quickly.

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