Final preseason check on the 2023 FC Dallas roster build

We’re one week out from the start of the 2023 MLS season so it seems a good time to do a final check-in on the roster build. Back in November, I started with the same build setup I’ve used for a couple of years. This table should be familiar to long-time readers.

Right now there’s only one hole left for Andre Zanotta and Nico Estevez to fill.

Edit (2/20/23): rather than re-posting this chart just three days later, I am doing an edit after the Jesús Jiménez trade.

Edit (2/23/23): They did it again, another trade to get the rights for and then sign Sam Junqua.

RosterPos.Start of OffseasonCurrent Status
19Jesus FerreiraJesus Ferreira
29Franco JaraJesús Jiménez
39Young reserveJose Mulato
4WingPaul ArriolaPaul Arriola
5WingAlan VelascoAlan Velasco
6WingJader ObrianJader Obrian
7WingBernard KamungoBernard Kamungo
8Free-8Sebastian LletgetSebastian Lletget
9Free-8U-22 initiative?Still need?
10Linking-8Paxton PomykalPaxton Pomykal
11Linking-8Brandon ServaniaTsiki Ntsabeleng
126Edwin CerrilloEdwin Cerrillo
136Facundo QuignónFacundo Quignón
14LBMarco FarfanMarco Farfan
15LBIsaiah Parker?Sam Junqua
16CBNkosi TafariNkosi Tafari
17CBJose MartinezJose Martinez
18CBStarter caliberSebastien Ibeagha
19CBVeteran depthAmet Korça
20CBYoung reserveNolan Norris
21RBEma TwumasiEma Twumasi
22RBCollin Smith?Geovane Jesus
23GKMaarten PaesMaarten Paes
24GKJimmy MaurerJimmy Maurer
25GKAntonio CarreraAntonio Carrera
26ExtraTsiki NtsabelengCollin Smith (RB)
27ExtraHerbert Endeley (RB)
28ExtraIsaiah Parker
29Extra Leave Empty
30Extra Leave Empty


Based on his career, I had projected Sebastien Ibeagha as veteran depth but Coach Nico Estevez has talked about him as one of the three prime CB starters he has. So I elevated Seba.

While Nolan Norris can play LB, his conversion to LCB is basically a full-time go and he’s the 5th CB on the roster. I still expect Norris to mostly play with North Texas SC in 2023.

I moved Tsiki Ntsabeleng from “extra” to “free-8” even though I don’t think he has the same profile as Sebastian Lletget. For now, FCD has been using Tsiki in a second-choice double-8 combo with Brandon Servania.

Edit 2/20/23: Trading Brandon Servania ended the linking-8 overload and partially restores the need for a free-8 backup, a.k.a replacing Thomas Roberts. Granted, Jesus Ferreira can also fill this free-8 role.

I removed Tarik Scott from the build because he’s out for the year and FCD will almost certainly place him on the injured list for 2023.

Dante Sealy and Justin Che remain on loan through June and both in theory could come back. At this time, the chance appears greater that Sealy will return than Che. Both loans do have buy options.

Herbert Endeley (24th overall, Indiana University) made the roster as a right back and right wing option. His signing really puts the squeeze on Collin Smith as Endeley will probably be with North Texas a lot and they have another RB as well. Keep an eye open for a Smith loan this year.

There is still some discussion Isaiah Parker may go on loan as well. Stay tuned on that one.

Edit 2/23/23: There’s no way the club goes for Sam Junqua if there isn’t a loan coming.

FCD is actively looking for a depth 9 option for now. But they do have an open DP spot, and an open international spot open. Expect them to evaluate the club with an eye on a midseason bigger signing.

Coach Nico told me FCD will only have a 28-man roster at the start of the season hence the two extra open spots.


  1. Heard here in Brazil that FC Dallas is signing Brazilian center back Henri, from Palmeiras. He was Brazils U17 MNT captain, had a injury some years ago, recovered and helped Palmeiras U20 win Copa São Paulo.

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