FC Dallas Youth ECNL Red 04/05 for Dallas Cup 2023 U19s

And now we begin the series on the FC Dallas Youth teams in the 2023 Dallas Cup. ECNL is the 2nd national league right behind MLS Next and FC Dallas now has two teams in this division at the U19 level – Red and White.

The Red/White teams for FC Dallas in the ECNL are mostly split by year. Red is mostly 2004s and White is 2005s.

Obviously, I’ll have a lot less info on these teams than the Academy. But I’ll scrounge up what I can.

Having a tough time finding pics this year.

FC Dallas Youth ECNL Red 04/05

Coach: Casey Cantor

Bracket C: ID Houston Legends NLFC, Steve Gerrard Academy, Strikers Miami FC Elite

FCDY ECNL Red sit in 7th place (4-5-4) in the North Division of the Texas Conference.

Missing from this roster? Diego Pepi #10. He’s not with North Texas SC.

Roster for FC Dallas Youth ECNL Red 04/05

1Ivan Villatoro2004G
2Ashton Contreras2004M
4Frederic Kossehasse2004M
6Axel Miranda Martinez2004M/D
7Franc Nmengah2004F
8Aubry Eason2004F
9D’Jonte’ Davis2004M
11Bartek Zabek2004F/M
12Phillipe Boigny2004F
13Hugo Anguiano2004F
16Adam Lansdown2004G
20Diego Valera Zamora2004M
22Diego Aguilera2004D
23Julian Thomson2004M/D
24Arath Valdez2004G
26Pedrojose Reyes2004M
27Sang Lian2004M
28Noe Robles2004M
45Bobby Murphy2004D
55Adric Rosato2004M
56Alejandro Gonzalez2004D
88Luke Adams2005M/D
Elliott Finley2004G
Luis Fuentes Jr2004M

FCDY ECNL Red 04/05 Dallas Cup 2023 Schedule

April 38 pmSteven Gerrard AcademyMoneyGram 4
April 44 pmStrikers Miami FC EliteRichland College 8
April 56 pmID Houston Legends NLFCRichland College 10
FCD Youth 04 Premier ECNL.
FCD Youth 04 Premier ECNL (in 2022).

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