FC Dallas Youth 2013 Synopsis

FC Dallas Youth is, as the name implies, the youth club of FC Dallas.  FCD Youth has a vast number of boys and girls clubs, the exact number of which changes every year.  Rather than try and keep up with the vast myriad of team, 3rd Degree will try and keep up with the major honors the club wins, some alumni of note, and once they are created perhaps some info on the key first team in each age group that will play in the MLS Youth League.

Got some stuff to add or wish to be out FCD Youth Correspondent, drop us a line…

FCD Youth is currently having open training sessions for its various age groups and Open Tryouts for the teams will take place July 1st.

Honors, Silverware, and Great Moments


FCD U19 win over NYRB U19 2-0 in Dallas Cup (believed to be first time MLS Youth Teams meet in a game)

Spring Classic League Champions – 96 Girls

Classic League 2 Runner Up (promoted),
Dallas Texans Fall Festival Champions,
North America Memorial Day Cup Champions (2-0 title win over Solar Red earns 08 Dallas Cup invite) – 92 Blue boys


Dallas Cup U19 Champions – FC Texas Black 88

Puma Cup Champions – 89 Boys Blue

National-Cup Champions – 90 Girls Blue-Riverwalk

Aces Tournament Champions – 91 Boys Black

Texas Cup Champions – 96 Girls

(if there gets to be too much here we may thin it out to only “major” honors.)


2006 (’88)

David Rodriguez – UNC , former US U18 player pool.

Leone Cruz – SMU, U18 pool, NSCAA All-America selection

Jaime Benitez – SMU

The Future

During the next few years, MLS clubs will create teams in up to six age groups. Players on these teams will wear the club’s colors and train under the team’s coaching staff. Players on MLS youth teams may be able to compete with other youth club teams at various times during the year. MLS youth programs will not jeopardize a player’s NCAA eligibility.

Teams with existing youth programs that meet the established criteria may begin registering players to their Home Grown Player List this season. Therefore, the first “graduates” of these programs could move directly onto MLS rosters as early as 2008. Through 2010, teams will be permitted to sign up to two players from its Home Grown Player List per year.

Each MLS team will be allowed one team of up to 18 players in each of the following age groups on its Home Grown Player List:

Under-25 (PDL)

Clubs will hire at least one coach for each age group. Players on these teams will be registered on the team’s Home-Grown Player List. A minimum number of training and game days per year has been set for each age group. The program will be based in the team’s “Home Territory” approved by the MLS Board of Governors.  All players must reside in a team’s “Home Territory” for at least one year prior to being added to the team’s Home Grown Player List. Players must be added to an MLS team’s Home Grown Player List prior to entering a four-year college, but can maintain their Home Grown Player status during college if registered before entering that institution. Similarly, members of the U17, U20, and U23 U.S. National Teams cannot be added to an MLS team’s Home Grown Player List, but a player already on a Home Grown Player List can maintain that status if selected for a U.S. National team at a later date.

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