2013 FC Dallas Roster Dance

Updates: Hassli is officially in, Cooper in, Nunez in’ish.

Last updated: 2/1/13

Senior Roster (18 to 20)

MLS rosters hold up to 30 players. Players 1 to 20 are on the senior roster and have to fit in the salary cap. (MLS teams may carry only 18 players on this senior roster if they wish.)

FCD has 8 international slots in 2010 with 7 possibly filled.

1David Ferreira33, Colombian F/M (8/9/79) Green card
2Blas Pérez(I1) 32 Panamanian striker (3-13-81)
3Kenny CooperUS, F. Trade from NYRB.
4Eric Hassli(I2) 31, F. Not a DP. Trade from TFC.
5George John25 US CB. (3/20/87) re-signed.
6Zach Loyd25, US Nats M/D (7-18-87)
7Andrew Jacobson27, US DM (9-25-85)
8Raul Fernandez(I3) Peruvian GK, 27
9Fabian Castillo(I4) 20, Colombian M/F (6-01-92)
10Matt Hedges22 UD D (4-1-90)
11Jackson(I5) 24, versatile
12Jair Benitez33, Colombian LB, (1/11/79) Green card
13Peter LuccinUS, M.  Coming off a knee injury.
14Chris Seitz25, US GK (3-12-87)
15Stephen Keel29 US D (4/11/83). 2012 re-entry draft
16Bobby Warshaw24, US M/D (11-21-88)
17Michel(I7) Michel Garbini Pereira. 31, LB, Brazil CAP
18Ramon NunezUS, M.  Coming off knee injury.
19If a club has only 18 senior players then can get…
20Up to $70 in combined allocation money for the open spots
Ugo Ihemelu29, US D (4/3/83) Health in question…
Ryuta Sasaki24, Japanese F

Players occupying roster spots 1-24 will earn at least $42,000 in 2011.

Off-Budget Roster (10)

Roster Spots 21 to 30. Generation adidas, developmental players, and home grown. Players 24 and under that don’t count on the salary cap. MLS teams can have a maximum of 10 off-budget players.

21Victor Ulloa(HG1) 20 US MF (3-4-92)
Moises Hernandez(HG) 20 US D (3-5-92) on loan, not on FCD roster
22Jonathan Top(HG2) 19 US F (1-26-93)
23Richard Sanchez(HG3) 18 Mexican GK, US Citizen (2-28-94)
24Kellyn Acosta(HG4) D/M (7-25-95)
25Bradlee Baladez(HG5) Signed Home Grown deal Dec 2012
26London Woodberry(HG6) Signed Home Grown deal Dec 2012
27Walker ZimmermanFCD’s 1st rd pick, Generation adidas
28Ryan HollingsheadFCD’s 2nd rd pick
29Kyle ZobeckGK from Valpo.
30Cam WilderFormer US U18, MF Kentucky.
TJ NelsonFormer US U17. D/M SMU

Players occupying roster spots 25-30 will earn at least $32,600 in 2011.

Other Players

Anyone connected, rumored, tried out, waived, training invited, or signed short term.

Cameron BrownFirst rookie cut. Local kid, knee troubles.
PipicoIn camp for 2 weeks before being cut.
Brek SheaSold to Stoke Jan 2013 $4mil
Ricardo VillarWaived Jan 2013.
James MarcelinWaived Jan 2013.
Julian de GuzmanNot looking likely at this point.
Yomeri ReyesJoining the U18s. Academy player.
Hernan PertúzLoan deal not extended, returned to Colombia.
Kevin HartmanContract expired, no new deal.
Daniel HernandezRetired end of 2012 to be a coach… 3 weeks later was out.
Carlos RodriguezReleased 11/19/12. Panamanian D.
Bryan LeyvaHome grown player, 2013 option declined.
Ruben LunaHome grown player, 2013 option declined.
Matias Jara2013 option declined.
Bruno Guarda2013 option declined. Green card.
Scott Sealy2013 option declined.

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