FC Dallas Youth 06 North for the 2022 Dallas Cup

The second and final FCD Youth team in the U16 Division of the Dallas Cup.

All the non-Academy teams are outside my radar, some more so than others. I do my best with the info I can find but if you have any to share please reach out. Twitter @3rdDegreeNet.

FCD Youth 06 North

Coach: Pablo Gonzalez and Chris Crotts

Bracket A: Tigres, Solar SC U16 MLS Next, RSL-AZ North 06 EA.

FCDY 06 North plays in the Dallas Classic League U16 Division 1 and is currently in 4th Place.

FCD Youth 06 North Dallas Cup Roster

1Logan Montgomery2006
2Hatton Jones2006
3Teagan Steuer2006
4Hayden Crotts2006
5Francisco Lafuente2006
6Allen Williams III2006
7Dannilo Arcaya2006
9Darryn Rodriguez2006
10Dyllan Arias2006
11Mariano Carmona2006
12Cesar Batres2006
14Ezra Ingram2006
15Jair Tovar2006
16Stanley Zamora Bonilla2006
17Santiago Carbajal2006
19Griffin Post2006
20Aaron Pondeca2006
21Jonathan Garcia2006
23Carson Ballard2006
24Carson Schoenbeck2006

FCD Youth 06 North Dallas Cup Schedule

April 114 pmTigresMoneyGram 3
April 124 pmRSL-AZ North 06 EARichland 5
April 136 pmSolar SC U16 MLS NextRichland 10

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