FC Dallas Youth 04 for Dallas Cup 2022

FC Dallas at the Academy and Premier level does run a U18 team but in the broader Youth spectrum, they do. This is the only team from FCD Youth locally to be in the Dallas Cup U18 Division.

All the non-Academy teams are outside my radar, some more so than others. I do my best with the info I can find but if you have any to share please reach out. Twitter @3rdDegreeNet. A team pic would be nice.

FC Dallas Youth 04

Coach: Jose Perez

Bracket A: Sporting FC Academy 04 Premier, Tableview FC (South Africa), Everton College (England)

FCDY 04 plays in the Classic League U18 Division 1 and are currently in 7th Place.

FCD Youth 04 Dallas Cup Roster

1Bennet Woodworth2004
2Warner Philachack2004
4Parker Davidson2004
5Jackson Donato2004
7Nathan Yanez2004
8William Cox2004
9Ahmed Ahmed2004
10Caleb Berhanu2004
11Joshua Hernandez2004
12Ryan Mayes2004
13Mathias Pretet2004
15Jose Salazar2004
17Malachi Walker2005
18Andres Munoz2004
19Brandon Pedro2004
20Jonathan Oviedo2004
21Kee Lon2004
24James Perdiue2004
25Leo Lombardi2004
30Garrett McGee2004
36Alexander Machado2004
41Raul Tabares2004
51Seth Brown2004

FCD Youth Dallas Cup Schedule

April 1011:30 amTableview FC (South Africa)MoneyGram 1
April 1110 amEverton CollegeMoneyGram 8
April 138 pmSporting FC Academy 04 PremierRichland 10

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