FC Dallas trades for an international roster spot

As first reported by Sam Stejskal, FC Dallas has confirmed the acquisition of an international roster spot from the Seattle Sounders for $250,000 in General Allocation Money (GAM). FCD now has 10 international spots.

3rd Degree Roster Tracking

The best way to keep up with all the roster information is 3rd Degree’s Roster Dance that we maintain year-round.

But here is a quick rundown of the club’s current internationals… pending an unknown new green card.

  1. Franco Jara
  2. Jose Martinez
  3. Jader Obrian
  4. Facundo Quignon
  5. Szabolcs Schön
  6. Nanu
  7. Maarten Paes
  8. Alan Velasco (Pending official announcement)
  9. Tsiki Ntsabeleng (Pending making the team)
  10. Open

Ema Twumasi has a green card.


  1. I don’t know anything about Tsiki Ntsabeleng, but spending the GAM on a player who may or may not make the squad seems excessive. Signing him to NTSC actually seems more likely, in which case they have two spots and the investment just for the roster spot portends a more significant acquisition IMHO.

  2. Totally agree with Joseph on that point. It must mean that the club has a pretty high opinion of Tsiki that they would trade GAM to get another international slot. To me, that essentially means that the club spent $300K GAM on Tsiki, since they traded $50K of GAM just to move up in the draft and grab him.

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