FC Dallas & North Texas SC Roster Rankings – March 2023

Welcome to our first in-season ranking of 2023. If you’re not familiar with the bit, power rankings are fun so why not power rank all 44 players on a professional contract at FC Dallas and North Texas SC.

There’s nothing too scientific going on here, we’re looking at who is playing well, who is playing at all, and who is being talked about.

Starting XI

1Jesus Ferreira
High: 1Low: 1— 0The current Man of the Franchise is performing well with 3 goals in 5 games. Focus on the local club seems to be his current mindset. – Buzz
2Alan Velasco
High: 2Low: 3▲ 1Two goals so far on the season and looking fully at comfort as an inverted winger with Marco Farfan overlapping. – Dan
3Paul Arriola
High: 2Low: 3▼ 12 assists and he continues to do the work but has subbed out of all but one game. Terrific Captain. – Buzz
4Paxton Pomykal
High: 4Low: 5▲ 1An assist, a 90% passing average, tied for the team lead on passes into the box, tied for most fouls suffered despite sitting LAFC out, and surprisingly leading FC Dallas in tackles. Oh hey, pre-hip surgery Paxton Pomykal! – Dan
5Nkosi Tafari
High: 5Low: 9▲ 4The season of Nkosi continues. He’s FCD’s best defender right now and is dominating games on that end. – Buzz
6Maarten Paes
High: 6Low: 6— 0Even if one doesn’t count, Maarten Paes has faced three penalties and the back of the net has remained untouched. Hopefully getting nutmegged by a soft shot from the touchline by Denis Bouanga is just a blip, but that did cost FCD two points. – Dan
7Marco Farfan
High: 7Low: 7— 0He’s played all but 8 minutes on the year and seems destined to lead the team in minutes again in 2023. Which isn’t ideal – Buzz
8Edwin Cerrillo
High: 8Low: 14▲ 6You don’t notice a good six, and Edwin is slipping through games without making a spectacle. Leads the team in progressive passes, and touches – again as a good six should. – Dan
9Jose Martínez
High: 8Low: 9▼ 1He’s played in 4 of 5 but is swapping with Ibeagha on tactics coach decisions. Injured his knee last week. – Buzz
10Tsiki Ntsabeleng
High: 10Low: 10— 0Tsiki has subbed in four times in five games. His continued progression made Brandon Servania expendable. – Dan
11Sebastien Ibeagha
High: 11Low: 15▲ 4A goal and an assist is nice, Dallas hasn’t had a threat off-set pieces in a while. But he’s dropping the ball in terms of playing out of the back. – Buzz

Nolan Norris
Nolan Norris in FC Dallas training in Spain, 2023. (Courtesy FC Dallas)

In the Mix

12Ema Twumasi
High: 11Low: 12▼ 1That was a bad red card to give up in LA. Ema started all five up to now despite an awful opening-day performance, but it’ll be interesting to see how things are when he returns from suspension. – Dan
13Geovane Jesus
High: 13Low: 13— 0He’s impressed in the offensive end and will get a start this week. In training, some of the decisions when playing out haven’t been great. He’s still a young player. – Buzz
14Sebastian Lletget
High: 4Low: 14▼ 10Seba carried a knock and looked out of sorts to start the season, despite statistically being on point. His private life – regardless of what or why – got in the way as he missed the LAFC game, although coach said on Wednesday he’s training and should be available this weekend. – Dan
15Jesus Jimenez
High: 15Low: 15— 0He’s subbed in on a game killing three at the back change and when down a man. Hasn’t really got a real chance to shine but is showing well. – Buzz
16Facundo Quignon
High: 16Low: 17▲ 1Two starts, and two sub-appearances. Solid depth role right now. – Dan
17Jose Mulato
High: 17Low: 19▲ 2He’s in the “late game spark” mix for now with FCD and started the opener for NTX. – Buzz
18Nolan Norris
High: 18Low: 23▲ 5Started both U-19 games, including a 3-1 win over Argentina. Nolan even made the FCD bench twice before his trip. – Dan
19Justin Che
High: 12Low: 19▼ 7He’s still at Hoffenheim with the 1st team and we expect an eventual buy, but Che hasn’t been on the bench since January and has been dealing with an injury for over a month. – Buzz
20Sam Junqua
High: 20Low: 20— 0Just the four minutes so far in backing up Farfan. – Dan

Hope Avayevu (10) celebrates his goal against Real Monarchs with Andre Costa (11) and Jared Aguilar (47) on August 12, 2022. (Courtesy North Texas SC)

Second Team

21Jader Obrian
High: 18Low: 21▼ 3Two yellow cards in 85 minutes. Seems totally disconnected from the team. – Buzz
22Jimmy Maurer
High: 21Low: 22▼ 1Firmly second choice keeper but Jimmy is a great presence to have. – Dan
23Antonio Carrera
High: 23Low: 24▲ 1Carrera missed the NTX opener due to US U20 camp. That’s a fair trade. – Buzz
24Bernard Kamungo
High: 20Low: 24▼ 4Got the assist on the North Texas SC goal. He’s making FCD benches but no minutes yet in 2023. – Dan
25Isaiah Parker
High: 22Low: 25▼ 3Parker made an FCD bench, but then got injured (hamstring) in the final NTX tune-up game vs Dynamo Dos. Still wish he had gotten a loan. – Buzz
26Collin Smith
High: 26Low: 27▲ 1Three unbeaten games into a loan with Birmingham Legion and Smith has played every minute, in three different positions. That seems like some solid experience to gain. – Dan
27André Costa
High: 27Low: 29▲ 2Named North Texas SC captain and was terrific in their opener. – Buzz
28Hope Avayevu
High: 28Low: 31▲ 3North Texas SC’s opening goalscorer. It’ll be interesting to see where first-team training invites come and lead to. – Dan
29Alejandro Urzua
High: 29Low: 29— 0Started as a 6 – not his natural position – in the absence of Sainte and played 90 minutes. Left off the U17 GA Cup roster so expect him full time with NTX. – Buzz
30Carl Sainté
High: 30Low: 32▲ 2Played in both Concacaf Nations League wins, including a start against Bermuda, but he did limp off at the very end. – Dan
31Amet Korça
High: 30Low: 31▼ 1Has looked better in first-team training but is 3rd at right CB and probably 5th overall on the CB chart. Started for NTX. – Buzz
High: 32Low: 32— 0The former U-17 World Cup winning captain played 90 minutes in the North Texas SC defense. – Dan

Diego Garcia signs with North Texas SC.
Diego Garcia (2nd from left) signs with North Texas SC while flanked by FCD TD Andre Zanotta (left), North Texas Coach Javier Cano (2nd right), and North Texas SC Gm Matt Deny (right). (Courtesy North Texas SC)

In Reserve

33Diego Garcia
High: 33Low: 33— 0Played 65 minutes in the NTX opener and made a great first impression. He’s been rostered for the GA Cup with the U17s and with Sainte coming back, Garcia probably returns to NTX bench anyway. – Buzz
34Herbert Endeley
High: 28Low: 34▼ 6Played the full 90 in his first start with North Texas SC. – Dan
35Dante Sealy
High: 25Low: 35▼ 10Loan is up in June, rode the bench the last two games. Only 1g/1a on the season. It’s not gone as expected for Dante. – Buzz
36Tyshawn Rose
High: 36Low: 36— 0I saw Rose playing right back in preseason, but the game against LAFC2 saw him play the full 90 at left back. – Dan
37Tomas Pondeca
High: 37Low: 37— 0Subbed in for Garcia and got 25 minutes for North Texas. Showed some flashes. – Buzz
38Alejandro Araneda
High: 34Low: 38▼ 4A stoppage-time cameo in this past weekend’s opening game. – Dan
39Pablo Torre
High: 33Low: 39▼ 6Didn’t feature for NTX and that’s not a great sign for a guy in his 2nd season at NTX. – Buzz
40Yeicar Perlaza
High: 35Low: 40▼ 5The Atletico Nacional loanee didn’t feature. – Dan
41Manuel Caicedo
High: 36Low: 41▼ 5Didn’t feature but he’s still new in town. Norris may take most of his PT anyway. – Buzz
42Theo Henrique
High: 42Low: 42— 0Theo’s signing seemed off, and he did not make an appearance. – Dan
43Michael Webber
High: 43Low: 43— 0Trialist GK was given a contract but Eyestone should get all the starts when Carrera is gone. Gonna take something special for him to get PT. – Buzz
44Tarik Scott
High: 26Low: 44▼ 18Tarik looked like having a great year. Hopefully, his recovery is quick and the setbacks minor for 2024. – Dan

Of course, Jesus Ferreira is our number one again. His play has been frustrating at times but three goals in five games is really all that matters from your starting striker.

Edwin Cerrillo is our big winner with a six-place jump. Is the start a complete lock at this point? No, coach has his tactical reasons. Is Edwin making himself a key component when he is on the field? Absolutely.

Nolan Norris is right behind him moving up five spots on the back of a couple of FCD benches and starting both games for the US U-19s this past week.

On the other end, the biggest slide is technically Tarik Scott. Scott’s season is over before it began after surgery to reconstruct his ACL and LCL. We’re looking forward to seeing his recovery in 2024.

Two players dropped ten places this week. Sebastian Lletget has been in the news for the wrong reasons, and events in his personal life made him miss a game. We hope that he is ready and able to get help for anything related to mental illness as he alluded to in his statement. He is with the team, and we’ll see if and how he plays through the current events.

Dante Sealy was the other player to drop ten. His loan at PSV Eindhoven has three months to the day left on it. He’s been on the bench the past two games for Jong PSV, and his average minutes per game has dropped ten minutes from last season to 43. As a winger, only producing one goal and one assist especially after scoring five in the span of eight games early in 21/22 isn’t progression. He’s got eight games and some time in training to earn the permanent transfer he wants or it’s back to Frisco.

With nine new signings, there was certainly a lot more down than up, particularly among the North Texas SC players. Until the next time that we remember to do this!

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