FC Dallas camp opening roster check-in

It’s time once again to continue the analysis of the FC Dallas offseason roster build using my positional system. This isn’t a depth chart. This winter we started back at the end of 2023 then Checked in again at the beginning of January.

So let’s do a status check on the day players reported for their physicals. And we’ll do a final check at the start of the season.

The big issue right now is that the club is about four players over the 30-player roster limit and two players over the 8-international limit… with one big roster hole, in our opinion, left to be filled.

Down below we’ll have some thoughts and comments on how the club might solve these issues.

The “Start of ’24 Build” column is the roster situation I set up back at the start of the offseason. The Blue text was the roster needs as I saw it (predicted). I’ve tweaked this column a tiny bit to better reflect the roster as it was at the start of the offseason.

The “Opening Camp” column is the changes that we see, as of today. The Red text marks the remaining questions.

RosterPositionStart of ’24 BuildOpening CampNotes
19Jesus FerreiraYDP
29Jesus JiminezInt 1, TAM
39Jose MulatoInt 2
4WingPaul ArriolaDP (or TAM)
5WingEugene AnsahInt 3
6WingBernard Kamungo
7WingDante Sealy
8Free-8 / 10Sebastian LletgetTAM
9Free-8 / 10Depth free-8?Tomas Pondeca
10Linking-8Paxton PomykalTAM
11Linking-8Tsiki NtsabelengInt 5
126Asier IllarramendiInt 6, TAM
136Liam Fraser
14LBMarco Farfan
15LBSam Junqua
16CBNkosi Tafari
17CBTAM signing????????TAM?
18CBSebastien Ibeagha
19CBStarter Light?Omar Gonzalez
20CBPick or HG?Amet Korca?
21RBEma Twumasi
22RBHerbert Endeley
23GKMaarten PaesInt 7
24GKAntonio CarreraHG
25GKHG or Vet?Jimmy Maurer
26MiscNolan NorrisHG
27MiscIsaiah ParkerGA
28MiscTarik ScottHG
29MiscUsed to leave openEnes SaliU22, Int 8
30MiscUsed to leave openLogan FarringtonSigned
31InjuredGeovane Jesus U22, Int 9
32InjuredAlan VelascoInt 4, YDP
33Over LimitMalik-Henry ScottHG
34Over LimitAlejandro UrzuaHG
35Over LimitTurner HumphreyUnsigned
36Over LimitMads WestergrenInt 10, unsigned

HG = Homegrown
GA = Generation Adidas
DP = Designated Player
YDP = Yount Designated Player
Int = International
TAM = A player over the DP line that will be bought down with Allocation Money.

Notes, Thoughts, and Comments

– I think the International Slot problem will be solved by other moves. FCD can probably trade for one of these as they have most seasons if necessary. There are also a few green cards in the works. Timeline unknown.

Logan Farrington was signed before the draft by MLS and thus will almost certainly end up making the roster.

– With the additions of Farrington and newly signed homegrown Malik Henry-Scott, FCD has five strikers (9s). The best solution to this log jam is to contract buyout Jesus Jiminez. JJ is about to put a big hit on the salary cap (since Toronto FCD isn’t going to pay his cap hit this season) and he’s blocking the way of the team’s big draft pick Farrington.

– In addition (as I’ve said before a few times) I would like to see FCD sell Jose Mulato. I don’t think he’s going to be impactful on the MLS level and that’s a rough spot for an international. There should be some club out there interested.

Alan Velasco and Geovane Jesus will both, I think, start the season on the short-term injured reserve. This status requires a minimum of six games missed, which both should easily reach, and it opens up the roster for a body replacement early. A roster move can be made later to add each player when necessary.

– I’ve slid Thomas Pondeca into Velasco’s midfield spot, for now, to make this a bit more clear as camp opens (I should have done this back in the first version). The two injuries to Velasco and Geovane are causing some roster chaos.

– Loans of players to either North Texas SC (Jose Mulato last year) or another club (Isaiah Parker last year) can also open up roster slots and ease the load.

– Based on social media, it seems Amet Korca was heading back to Dallas earlier this week but there has been no announcement of a new contract. It’s possible – if he is indeed reporting to camp – Korca will be in direct competition with FCD’s 2nd and 3rd-round picks, Turner Humphrey and Mads Westergren, for the 5th CB spot. North Texas SC contracts are likely in play for both the picks if they don’t make the senior team.

– The two spots FCD has left open for years now, 29th and 20th, I anticipate will be filled this year as both Coach Nico Estevez and TD Andre Zanotta have talked about greater roster depth to handle the schedule load and injuries that cost them last year.


  1. Has there been any buzz at all about any starter level signings connected to the team? I mean so far it’s been a handful of future prospects and a pair of veterans (Maurer & Gonzales) who are fine for depth but I don’t wanna go into the season expecting a 35 year old CB to be our most impactful addition.

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