FC Dallas 2022 preseason roster

FC Dallas handed out a preseason roster today at the opening of training camp 2022. While in many ways this roster is unofficial it still helps us ID players and who is in camp. So, I thought it worth sharing.

I will list any numbers provided. Position designations were made by FC Dallas. Players are in the order listed by FC Dallas.

Players on this roster in red are listed on it as North Texas SC players.
Players on this roster in blue are listed as FCD Academy players.

Players with a + are “players unavailable due to health and safety protocols.”


20Jimmy Maurer
Antonio Carrera
Alec Smir +

Note: more conflicting info about Antonio Carrera. This time listed as a North Texas SC player. Not Academy or FC Dallas.


Nanu +
25Collin Smith
22Ema Tumasi
12Ryan Hollingshead +
32Justin Che +
Holland Rula +
Derek Waldeck
2Eddie Munjoma +
24Matt Hedges
3Jose Martinez
14Nkosi Tafari
Lucas Bartlett
Chase Niece
Slade Starnes


6Edwin Cerrillo
5Facundo Quignon
18Brandon Servania
80Nicky Hernandez
Andre “Luque” Costa +
19Paxton Pomykal
Tsiki Ntsabeleng
Blaine Ferri
Hope Avayevu +

Note: Andre Costa is a new, as yet unofficially announced, North Texas SC player.

Forward / Wingers

7Jader Obrian +
11Szabolcs Schön +
21Kalil ElMedkhar
28Beni Redzic
Bernard Kamungo +
Anthony Ramirez
Isaiah Parker +
9 *Jesus Ferreira +
29Franco Jara
Gibran Rayo +

* While he is listed as 9 on this roster, the club announced Ferreira is swapping to the number 10 for 2022.

Note: This is the first, somewhat official, mention of a camp invite for Gibran Rayo. That’s something I’ve mentioned since the last season that I would like to see.


  1. Thanks Buzz.

    A question a little off-topic–is MLS or FCD imposing any significant Covid-based restrictions on media access? It was great to see you and other media at training. So access is obviously significantly expanded compared to the last couple of years. And it looks like y’all had at last some access to players and staff. While I’m sure there are some basic safety/health protocols in place, are there any that you think will impair media access to the team compared to pre-Covid times?

    1. Mostly the same rules as last year. Wear a mask, sign in with security, social distance from each other and players, stand as close to 6 feet from players as you can to interview (TV dudes often have longer mic poles these days). That kind of stuff.

  2. I just read that we’re one of the clubs that are interested in Paul Arriola. I wouldn’t be against it if it means we bring in a DP level Box-to-Box CM or at least a U-22 Player in the same position. I would’ve loved it if we would’ve gotten K. Acosta from the Rapids, but I doubt he would’ve wanted that.

      1. The Arriola interest could be further support for the idea that Estevez is thinking 3-4-3. Arriola wouldn’t be one of the front 3 working outside in, but rather play as a wingback. He’s done that some for DC and if memory serves he played in Mexico as a winger/wingback hybrid role.

        Also interesting is that FCD’s interest in Arriola is clear evidence, to me at least, that Estevez has more of a hand in player acquisition than we may have thought. Estevez would obviously be familiar with Arriola based on his time with the Nats, and big-time acquisitions from within MLS isn’t really what Zanotta has done (or what he was brought in to do). Or I could be totally wrong and maybe the Hunts feel stung by all the criticism about FCD not finding any players from within MLS while other teams are finding good value in FCD castoffs.

  3. – It’s Interesting you don’t have Hope Avayevu and Bernard Kamungo listed as an NTX player. Is that real or a mistake?
    – It’s nice to see Gibran Rayo is still around.
    – Is Nanu in TX already?

    1. Hope and Bernard are technically red in the code. But italics overwrites the color, much to my annoyance. They are for sure both NTX players. I’ll see if I can fix it in a different way.

      I don’t know if Nanu isn’t here or us just in quarentine. Hopefully, I can learn more this week.

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