Dallas Trinity FC brand launch and everything we know

The new DFW Super League – Dallas Trinity FC – team held a brand launch event in Downtown Dallas with Mayor Johnson, the City Council, and Super League President Amanda Vandervort on hand.

First, let’s talk brand and then I’ll share everything else we’ve learned about the club.

“Soccer is the pathway to community for many families. Dallas is the perfect backdrop for our expansion, growth, and community to grow wings,” said Jim Neil, CEO of Dallas Trinity FC.  

Dallas Trinity FC Brand

Name: Dallas Trinity FC
Colors: Maroon and Gold
Mascot: Pegasus

Dallas Trinity FC wordmark. (Courtesy DTFC)
Dallas Trinity FC wordmark. (Courtesy DTFC)

Trinity comes from the Trinity River which runs through the MetroPlex. The Pegasus is from the City of Dallas.

Crest Explainer
Dallas Trinity FC logo with text descriptions. (Courtesy DTFC)

Everything We Know About Dallas Trinity FC

Most of the info below comes from a chat I had at the launch event with Charlie Neil, President of Dallas Trinity FC – special thanks to Charlie for taking the time to speak with me.

“North Texas has been waiting for this, and now is the right time for professional women’s soccer in Dallas – the best sports business city in the country,” said Charlie Neil. 

General Manager

Chris Petrucelli was introduced to the crowd at the event.  He’s coached at Notre Dame, Texas, US U21 YNT, SMU, US U18 YNT, and most recently Chicago Red Stars. 

His local time at SMU and UT should give him strong connections with the local clubs.

Head Coach

An announcement is “coming soon.” The process is “underway” but the club didn’t want to say much more.


None are under contract yet. The club has been talking to players in the market though.


DTFC is opening dialogs with local Academies. “That’s a big part of our plan for now and in future years,” said Charlie Neil.  

Dallas Trinity FC is required by USL to field a DTFC youth team in certain specific events. For now, the club envisions partnering with local clubs to create a team for these events.


A two-year lease has been signed with the City of Dallas and the Cotton Bowl (reported by many sources).

The market will dictate if Dallas Trinity FC stays there or builds something of their own.

Training Facility

Dallas Trinity FC is “down the road” in talks with a couple of different locations for training facilities. Neil says the location will be in the city of Dallas.


The kit drop will be later this summer. But more brand drops/info will come in the next couple of weeks and additional merch will be dropping soon.

Club Philosophy or Style

“Exciting play and a roster that is reflective of the community that we’re living in.” – Charlie Neil.

Interesting Super League Rules

  1. No entry draft.
  2. Five slots per roster for amateur players (for high school players, not college).
Image 4
Dallas Trinity FC wordmark on a t-shirt. (Buzz Carrick, 3rd Degree)
Hey! That’s 3rd Degree’s Dan Crooke!


  1. The Neils seem to think the amateur roster slots can be used for NCAA players, or at least that’s what they said in their WFAA interview.

    1. I specifically asked about that, and Charlie Neil said they can’t be college players because they would lose eligibility.
      That’s the usual D1 league MO. MLS is the same way.

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