3rd Degree’s 2023 FC Dallas second kit prediction

It’s that time of year again, time for our annual attempt to predict the new FC Dallas kits. We take the various leaks, hints, and rumors that come our way and then combine them with our – or more specifically Dan Crooke’s – knowledge of kit design.

FC Dallas is on an alternating season cycle for kit change and this season it’s the secondary that is up for a refresh. That means the amazing powder blue kit, the one we call the ‘Nado kit, is going away.

That’s going to be a tough bar to match. That jersey is amazing, arguably the best jersey in club history.

Hints, Leaks, and Rumors

We started with a rumor that the new FC Dallas secondary kit had a Dallas Burn tribute aspect to it.

Then we combined that info with the new MLS “Anthem” jacket pictured below. These reversible jackets for quite a few MLS teams – if not all – have each club’s two kit colors, one inside and the other out.

FCD’s jacket has on the inside what is clearly a Burn color scheme on a solid white base. This was the biggest concrete evidence we used in our design.

FCD Anthem jacket for 2023. (Courtesy MLS)
FCD Anthem jacket for 2023. (Courtesy MLS)

After that, we added the leak of the new DC United kit and a design attempt at the new Seattle kit that is verified to be close.

Then came a couple of tweets by FC Dallas with small details I will point out here.

The tweet on the left clearly has a “fire” and “breathing” emoji. On the right, the tweet includes the same Burn horse head that is on the anthem jacket and a red, white, and black color pallet.

This newer “Burn horse head” is clearly a modern tribute to the old Burn logo seen here.

Dallas Burn
The Dallas Burn Logo. 1996 to 2004.

Lastly, Dan Crooke brought to the table all the info on this year’s adidas kit template for MLS.

Putting it All Together

We took that adidas template, added the club’s new sponsor, combined in the Burn colors from the anthem jacket and the tribute burn horse head flame, mixed in some pattern style and flavor from the DC and Seattle kits… and came up with this.

3rd Degree 2023 FCD Kit Front Prediction by Dan Crooke.
3rd Degree 2023 FCD Kit Front Prediction by Dan Crooke.
3rd Degree 2023 FCD Kit Back Prediction by Dan Crooke.
3rd Degree 2023 FCD Kit Prediction by Dan Crooke.

Full credit to Dan Crooke for creating these images.

Hope you like it.


  1. Not bad. I would love to see a version with all Adidas stripes (shoulders, shorts and socks) be black, red, black and the collar stripe, secondary sleeve stripe (as in the DC top) and faded flames in the original olive green. I think that would be the best that this concept could be (as far as tribute and look).

  2. No disrespect to Dan. He is very good at this and if he is not spot on for the prediction, the Hunts should confer with him on any further design options. (if they are being truthful and have any say in it with Adidas)

  3. I absolutely hope this is not the kit! It looks like a tee shirt brand from the 90s. While I’d be ok with a burn throw back it needs to be modernized. Also the DBG SG had a kit few years back that was much cleaner than this one if we went this direction. I very much dislike the the 90s black accents (my main turn off), the flames are way too bold (maybe white on white? Or maybe a light blue)

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