Who could help FC Dallas from the Allocation Order player list?

One of the more interesting fringe rules in MLS that has carried over from the olden days is the Allocation Order. Currently, FC Dallas sits second in that order behind FC Cincinnati.

The Allocation order has new teams placed at the top each offseason so it’s “use it or lose it” this window for FC Dallas. Just in case Cincy was to use their #1, or pass, or let FCD trade some money to flip above them, we made a short wish list.

The Allocation order is for USMNT players, elite youth players, or players sold by MLS. It can only be used on players listed on this page.

So with some help from a couple of friends, we picked out 5 names that might be hypothetically feasible.

1. Carlos Gruezo – FC Augsburg

Suggested By: Buzz Carrick

They say you can never go home again but that’s ok cause I doubt Gruezo thinks of FCD as home. Still, maybe he liked it here? FC Dallas has certainly never adequately replaced Gruezo.

For me, the 6 is the number one core building block of a championship team and sustained success in MLS. Neither Facundo Quignon nor Edwin Cerillo is at the level FCD needs to compete at the top of MLS.

So bring back arguably the best holding mid the club has ever had. He’s only 27 and is in his prime.

Send Augsberg back some of that Pepi money. Or since transfer money usually comes in installments, just let them keep some of it.

2. Matt Miazga – Chelsea FC

Suggested By: Buzz Carrick

FC Dallas has a problem at center back. Miazga is at Chelsea, sort of, as they have been loaning him out to just about everyone they can find (Vitesse, Nantes, Reading, Anderlecht, and Alaves).

At 26 he’s entering his prime, but he’s been unable to cement himself 100% into the National Team or lock down a starting spot. Maybe a guaranteed start for what – with him in it – should be a team at the top end of MLS would appeal to him? Perhaps playing for Gregg Berhalter’s former assistant and buddy might appeal to him?

Just ask Jesus Ferreira what being a star in MLS can do for your US place. Or Walker Zimmerman. Or Ricardo Pepi.

3. Camilo Savezzo – Toluca

Suggested By: Dan Crooke

A former Whitecaps striker, he knows MLS. His career peak was from 2014 to 2019 at Querétaro leaving there as the club’s all-time top scorer with 67 goals (according to Wikipedia).

Since leaving Q, he’s scored 31 goals in 78 games and if FCD is looking for some off-bench punch, he might not be terrible.

He currently plays for Toluca and adding a 33-year-old goal scorer who peaked four years ago is very on-brand for FCD.

4. Saphir Taïder – Without Club

Suggested By: Alex Aarant

A central mid who mostly plays as an 8 but could 6. He knows MLS having played for Montreal and would be able to spell Pomykal, Servania, and Ntsabeleng as 8s.

Taïder appears to be out of contract, not sure how that affects the Allocation process, but he’s got a wealth of experience at the top level of the game.

He is 30 but we’re not talking about adding a starter here, but rather a depth piece that would mainly serve to help the workload in the FCD midfield. This would perhaps be like when FCD added Javier Morales or Mauro Rosales later in their careers.

5. Sebastian Giovinco – Without Club

Suggested By: John Lenard

Another player out of contract. He did train with Toronto a bit earlier this year but instead took a short team deal with Sampdoria making 2 appearances.

He knows the league and could easily produce some punch off the bench in a style different from Franco Jara but more like Jesus Ferreira. That would allow FCD to bring in some fresh offense without changing tactics. He might even be able to wing or 10 if needed.

Yes, he’s 35, but again, we’re talking bench piece for a short-term contract.

Bonus: Shaq Moore – Tenerife

Suggest By: Buzz Carrick

No, he’s not on the Allocation List as it’s posted online. But MLS has the right to add and edit the list anytime without bothering to update the page. Based on his recent number of appearances for the USMNT of late, it would not shock me to learn Moore’s actually on it.

Plus, there are also rumors Moore is looking to come to MLS.
He’s a right-back – a place FCD isn’t top-notch at the minute.
He played for the FCD Academy for a short time and knows the club.
He plays in Spain – a location FCD’s coach knows people to check up on him and probably has club contacts.
Also, Moore is probably trying to lock down a USMNT spot as well, so perhaps playing for Gregg Berhalter’s former assistant and buddy might appeal to him.
And FCD’s expensive loan player, Nanu, isn’t crushing it or anything.

So send Nanu packing and give Moore the spot. Or if you can’t end the Nanu loan, backload a contract for the 25-year-old Moore with a bigger number next year.

Anyone Else?

Take a look, see any names you like?

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