Updating the FC Dallas franchise history kit photo charts

I’ve been compiling FC Dallas image charts for years now and I usually post them after each season. So it’s time once again to drop the new ones for the end of the 2021 season.

If you know of a game-worn kit combo I missed, comment below or hit me up on Twitter (@3rdDegreeNet).


A.k.a. the “home” kit.

Historically predominately red. Red, white, and Black in the Burn days. Red, white, and Blue since the FC Dallas re-brand.

There is one exception in here when early in the Burn days (1998) they wore white as the primary for one season, but it’s noted in the chart and I want to keep all the red kits together.


A.k.a “away” kit.

Historically these are predominantly white but in recent years MLS has relaxed this standard and MLS teams just need a “light-colored” kit.

White with red, black, and wasabi highlights in the Burn era. Grey with red and white for the first three seasons of FC Dallas and pretty much white with blue and a little red since.


This section for FC Dallas is a bit paltry compared to other clubs who sell a lot more kits. It includes two third jerseys, a one-off at MetroStars in 2002, and the recent Parley (recycled material) kits from adidas.


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