Top 10 – US soccer TV personalities

Top Ten TV Personalities
1Alexi LalasFlare, personality, former player, articulate, charismatic.
3Rob StonePretty boy, well spoken, played at Colgate.
4Glenn DavisBurn Color commentator, youth coach, former professional player.
5Bob LeeTrue soccer fan and member of the ESPN old guard.
6Max BretosFox Sports World pxp, knows the game.  Makes Lionel Bienvienue look like an idiot.
7JP DellacameraSolid play by play for ESPN International and Champions League.  Former player.
8Seamus MalinPlayed at Harvard. Works for ESPN, does REV color.
9Derek RaeFormer Rev pxp, current ESPN.  Former Scottish pxp man of the Year.
10Dale HansonMedia blabber head.  Ted Kennedy as a sports anchor.

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