Top 10 – things for the new Stadium

Should have…

Top Ten Things the new Burn Stadium should have.
1Arsenal ScoreboardIt lists the 22 players on the pitch.  Jumobo-trons are nice, but I like Old Stuff too.
2Full Size Soccer PitchThe Burn want to be able to host international matches, that means 120 yards x 80 yards.
3Seats Right to the EdgeThat will bring the fans within 5 feet of the field. If that means players benches in the stands like Old Trafford, so be it.
4Trophy RoomIt will be cool one day to have one. (only 2 trophies right now.)
5Lots of BrickSo it will match the Ballpark and the Hanger. And please make it RED brick.
6 Fan Reception AreaLike a open air pavilion for tailgate, parties, etc.
7Traditional NameNo commercials please… name it after a person, place, street, town, whatever… just not a business.
8A roofAll good soccer stadium have a roof over the stand. It’s like a rule or something.
9Forward  DesignBe able to expand it to 60,000 with luxury boxes in 20 years.
10GrassYou would think we wouldn’t have to mention this one.

Should not have…

Top Ten Things the New Burn Stadium Should Not Have.
1A TrackNothing is worse then a soccer field with a track around it.  Just kills the atmosphere.
2TurfWell duh!
3Lines and Football PostsI know they are gonna play some high school ball there, but just use the temporary paint for the gridiron lines.
4End Line SeatsThe end line ares should be bleachers. 
5CheerleadersOk Hunt, lets get this out in the open now… 
6Hunt NameI love you for this stadium brother, but you already got the Open Cup.
7 FencesPut them up for the 2018 World Cup, but take them right back down after the US wins it.
8 Retired NumbersThis is soccer, their are no retired numbers.  EVER.
9Bad SecurityAlmost everywhere else in MLS has out of control security.  We like flag, drums, horns, and confetti here.
10Empty SeatsThe place should be sold out every game.  So a guy can dream right.

Fan Suggestions for Should Have

Dan VeshiaSeats better designed for the “larger” American fan.Not that we, the Inferno, really ever use our seats. But when I have my kid, I cannot sit with the loud Inferno group. And since we all know that I am one of the “larger” Americans, it would make me quite happy to be able to be comfortable in my seat.
Bill HellmuthOrientationorientation to give the prevailing (south) breeze maximum effect, even if it leads to some blustery day follies. It’ll be worth it on any game day the temp is over 80 degrees. Another benefit of a north-south orientation is that neither goalie is staring at the setting sun.

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