Top 10 – trialists or trainees who would make good reserves

2023 comment: I don’t think I ever published this one – notice there is no #10. But I thought in terms of history it would be worst posting it now.


You will notice I don’t have any current college player, like Jamie Watson, listed.  These players, while obviously legit reserve candidates,  have to be drafted and are… well.. obvious.

Top Ten: Trialists or Trainees Who Would Make Good Reserves
1Mike Mariscalo2003 5th Round Pick out of Butler.  This kid just had a certain something about him, a bit of game that caught the eye.  Would have won the developmental spot in 03 ahead of Andy Rosenband if not for an Achilles injury during preseason.
2Mike Tranchilla2003 4th Round pick out of Creighton.  Goal poacher who didn’t do a lot of other stuff.  Still might be a guy who could develop.  Scored a TON of goals in college.
3James KolerEarly thirties Brazilian forward with US passport.  Formally of Sao Palo.  A thirty year old is not often thought of as a player to develop, but he has some game and would make a nice insurance forward to have around.
4Jonathan Steal18 year old Irish kid forward/midfielder.  Intriguing prospect.  Not being an American makes it hard for him to catch on, but nice player.
5Mandi UrbasGerman-American midfielder played with Landon Donovan was here about half a season. What a pretty player, he had silky smooth skills but just never got his mental understanding up to snuff.  Maybe the language barrier was a problem.  He would have been worth keeping around to see if he could learn some tactics.
6Birch WylieFormer PDL defender of the year, gave a short run in A-League before moving back to Dallas to be with a his family and “get a real job.”  Still a quality left back out of SW Missouri State.
7Todd BrownKid from Arlington-Martin who scored a ton of goals as a sophomore to lead his team to State then ran into personal problems and never really played again.  Came to Burn training a couple times over the next year or two, but never played at a high organized level.  This is a kid with fantastic raw talent who never got back on track.
8Lourenzo AndradeAndrade is the forward lighting it up for DFW Tornado and leading the PDL in scoring.  He is a bit of a head case, being the one who got in a fight with Jamie Watson, but still he is showing something and might be worth looking at.
9Kenny CooperYes I know he is with Man U.  The point is that he was the kind of player a reserve team could have made room for.  It would have given the Burn a shot at a nice younger player who slipped though the MLS cracks as there was no system in place to hold onto a kid like this.

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