Top 10 – reasons the Brimstone Cup is cool

Top Ten Reasons the Brimstone Cup is cool.
11999 PlayoffsBest series and Best game (Gm 3) in MLS history.
2Hating KovalenkoHe broke Pollards leg.
3PlayersEven the players from these two teams think this is a great rivalry.
4Chicago always homeIn the US Open Cup.  Have they ever had a road Cup game?
5Coach StealingBurn hired a Chicago coach and took their best defender.
6The CupName another MLS rivalry that is signified by an actually trophy.
La Mara Loca, 
and La Raza Latina
Arguable the best drum section among MLS fans.
8StoitchkovYou hate him as an opponent, love him as a teammate
9Home FieldsTwo of the toughest places to play in MLS.
10ScheduleTeams play each other two of last three games.

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