Top 10 – pro athletes who would have been great soccer players

Top Ten Pro Athletes who would have been great soccer players.
1Emmit SmithStrong, quick, agile, great vision.
2Alan IversonGifted athlete, very competitive, arrogant.
3Deion SandersOne of the best athletes to every play a sport.
4Jason SehornGreat corner, most great corners could probably be good soccer players.
5Steve NashBrother, Martin Nash, is a Canadian International and plays in A-League.
6Jason KiddGreat vision and reactions, feels the traffic ad game around him.
7Champ BaileyRussian rocket, speed, and skill.
8Nomar GarciaparaA big soccer fan, played the game growing up.
9Michael VicThis guy would be amazing at anything with that speed and agility.
10Pavel BureStrong, quick, agile, and great vision.

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