Top 10 likely FC Dallas jersey sponsors for 2020

You all know we’re massive kit nerds here at 3rd Degree. With the news last week that Advocare is moving to the side and taking up space on the arm (hello again big A logo?) to make room for a new primary jersey sponsor, we thought it would be fun to make a list and some mock-ups of what we think are some likely sponsors.

We think it’s highly likely that a current sponsor partner is going to be moving up to the kit sponsor position. So Dan Crooke and I picked our favorite (most likely) 10 to make a list.

Don’t like our pics? Pick out your own favorite.

10. Kellogg’s

The 2020/21 FC Dallas primary jersey mocked up with the logo of Kellogg’s (Dan Crooke/3rd Degree)

Buzz: Honestly, we picked this one mostly because of the company’s history as the sponsor on some of the early Dallas Burn kits, specifically 2000-2004. Not a terrible look either with the white wordmark.

Dan: They have an existing relationship with the organization and league, and there’s a Distribution center in Lewisville for a local tie.

2000 Dallas Burn jerseys. (Dan Crooke, 3rd Degree)

9. The Toro Company

The 2020/21 FC Dallas primary jersey mocked up with the logo of Toro (Dan Crooke/3rd Degree)

Dan: No local ties. This FCD corporate partnership is probably just a partnership for the field equipment the club uses. This one would be better if the branding didn’t require the red chip and white outline. Just the wordmark would be so clean.

Buzz: But come on… this would be an awesome sponsor for FCD. I mean Toro on the Los Toros kits? That’s money, baby!

8. Pella

The 2020/21 FC Dallas primary jersey mocked up with the logo of Pella (Dan Crooke/3rd Degree)

Buzz: My wife was born in Pella, Iowa, so I like this idea. Also, the logo is clean and professional. They could do way worse.

Dan: You may have seen their logo pop up around the stadium a lot lately. They have a corporate office in Grapevine and an assembly facility in Wylie, and that logo is great.

7. PepsiCo

The 2020/21 FC Dallas primary jersey mocked up with a stylized script which can be seen on Pepsi advertising at Toyota Stadium (Dan Crooke/3rd Degree)

Buzz: I asked Dan to make the above jersey with the Pepi-Cola logo that is displayed prominently in Toyota Stadium mostly because I think it looks pretty damn cool as a jersey sponsor.

Dan: But if we follow their more “normal” branding guidelines you would get the below look. Also, Frito-Lay is a subsidiary of PepsiCo based in Plano. Like with Toro, the script would look awesome but corporate overlords do what they do.

The 2020/21 FC Dallas primary jersey mocked up with the logo of Pepsi (Dan Crooke/3rd Degree)

6. MoneyGram International

The 2020/21 FC Dallas primary jersey mocked up with the logo of MoneyGram (Dan Crooke/3rd Degree)

Dan: MoneyGram already sponsors MoneyGram Park, one of FCD’s Academy facilities, and MoneyGram’s corporate headquarters moved from Minnesota to downtown Dallas in 2010. It’s a solid, simple logo but not a brand many would feel proud of.

Buzz: This is my least favorite sponsor in terms of logo quality and in terms of company strength of the brand.

5. Chick-fil-A

The 2020/21 FC Dallas primary jersey mocked up with the logo of Chick-fil-A (Dan Crooke/3rd Degree)

Buzz: From where we sit, FC Dallas has never really gone all-in on the pride stuff, whether it be special kits or pride month. So I don’t think they would even hesitate to embrace Chick-fil-A, a company looking for good publicity with the often young/liberal fan base of soccer. It’s also a sponsor that would probably sell like gangbusters in the Frisco/Plano/Allen neck of the woods.

Dan: Enough people refuse to buy a jersey because of a former pyramid scheme. You’d see a good number continue so as not to be seen supporting a homophobic business.

4. JPMorgan Chase

The 2020/21 FC Dallas primary jersey mocked up with the logo of Chase Bank (Dan Crooke/3rd Degree)

Dan: Plenty of local ties with their new campus in Plano. Chase has been an all-in sponsor for a while from ATMs in the stadium and FCD garb at Chase branches, to the discounts for Chase cardholders and the free jersey you used to get when buying a season ticket on a Chase card.

Buzz: Their FCD sponsorship is highly integrated and emphasizes the FC Dallas Academy and FC Dallas Youth. Both Academy and Youth wear FCD uniforms and that might make Chase highly interested in kit sponsorship.

3. Globe Life Insurance

The 2020/21 FC Dallas primary jersey mocked up with the logo of Globe Life (Dan Crooke/3rd Degree)

Dan: Globe Life is local, from McKinney, and they’ve been involved with FC Dallas and the Special Olympics team for a long time. For a logo that features a color that isn’t in FCD’s color scheme, it’s not offensive by any means..

Buzz: They hold the North Texas Soccer Club and Texas Ranger’s stadium naming rights. Might an FC Dallas jersey sponsorship be part of the agreement for North Texas SC to play at Globe Life Park? You know the Hunts like to save money.

2. Toyota

The 2020/21 FC Dallas primary jersey mocked up with the logo of Toyota (Dan Crooke/3rd Degree)

Buzz: This was my odds on favorite until we started getting rumbles and rumors about the #1 choice below. It just makes so much logical sense.

Dan: It makes sense but I don’t know who would be the money behind it. The stadium naming rights were bought by Gulf States Toyota Dealers, not actual Toyota. Toyota seems all-in now since moving the North American headquarters to Plano. Their orientation videos feature FC Dallas and Toyota Stadium heavily.

1. NEC Corporation of America

The 2020/21 FC Dallas primary jersey mocked up with the logo of NEC (Dan Crooke/3rd Degree)

Dan: Headquartered in Irving and a big partner in the National Soccer Hall of Fame. As I reported in my story about AdvoCare: FC Dallas was known to be in talks with potential sponsors including NEC, whose facial recognition technology is an integral part of the National Soccer Hall of Fame at Toyota Stadium. NEC has a long history of sponsorship in soccer and NEC personnel have been spotted touring Toyota Stadium.

Those 80s and 90s Everton kits though!

Buzz: It makes for a good looking jersey, they love soccer, plus we’ve heard some rumbles that make us think this is the leader.


    1. With added income to supplement FCD to be had, that’s not really an option. There’s going to be a [company name here] scenario involved whether one likes it or not.

      That said, the more I think on it the more I like the NEC idea. If its the odds-on favorite at present, at least its a company I’ve been familiar with for decades and has a local presence. The minimalist 3-letter logo also makes the kit look less busy, if thats the route they take.

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